Awesome Academics: Global Business Perspectives

Awesome Academics: Global Business Perspectives

October 17, 2014

First-year business students build team skills by creating containers

What do eggs have to do with business education?

In Susquehanna University's Global Business Perspectives (GBP), a class taken by first-year students across all majors in the Sigmund Weis School of Business, it's the lessons students learn while breaking the eggs that stand out.

Students in the GBP sections were recently put into groups and given a simple task-to create packaging that would protect the egg when being dropped from the second-story balcony of Apfelbaum Hall.

Students had drinking straws, paper and tape at their disposal, but the hitch was that each item had a price attached to it and the groups were instructed to make their packaging as cost-effective as possible. Paper was the cheapest product at $5 per sheet, tape was $20 per inch and straws, which were popular among many groups, were $100 apiece.

The first-year students appreciated the inventive approach to business lessons within a liberal arts and science education.

"We've learned so many different aspects of business and I know that when I go into future business classes, I'm going to be prepared," said Tommy Bluj, a business administration major from Parsippany, N.J..

Some groups managed to build packaging that protected the egg in innovative and cheap ways. Bluj's group built their packaging for $350, but it failed to protect the egg.

"I was surprised by this," Bluj said. "It was definitely a great teamwork drill because everyone had to contribute different ideas before we agreed on one."

Global Business Perspectives, a team-based, overview course in business students' first semester, culminates in students giving formal presentations to business executives.