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Cameron Dougherty '14

Cameron Dougherty '14

Cameron Dougherty '14 is a CPA and audit senior assistant for Deloitte in Philadelphia, Pa.

I chose Susquehanna for several reasons, but the AACSB accreditation of the business school was key. I knew that the accreditation would ensure that I was getting the best preparation for a successful career in the business world. But as soon as I stepped on campus, I felt like I belonged here, and couldn't wait to be a part of everything that was going on.

Early in my college career, I joined the ice hockey club, the Student Government Association and other organizations because it was a great way to meet people and to make new friends. Later, I used my involvement to build valuable job skills, and to give back to my campus community by serving as a student representative on the Susquehanna University Board of Trustees and as president of our Enactus team.

It's always a challenge to balance involvement and academics. The important thing is to know your limits, and take on as much as you can without sacrificing your education or your sanity.

I've learned so much through my extracurricular activities; everything from event management and presentation skills to teamwork and problem solving. These experiences have already paid off in terms of a full-time job with Deloitte after graduation.

My involvement differentiated me by showing that I have various, valuable skills in managing a group, public speaking, and organizing events. It also showed that I am more than just a bump on a log. Employers aren't interested in students who achieve a 4.0 but spent all four years in their dorm room studying. They want employees who maintained a strong GPA and took part in activities that connected them with different people and showed them different perspectives.

I am now an audit senior assistant for Deloitte in Philadelphia and will be officially promoted to audit senior this fall. I've also recently become a certified public accountant. Susquehanna definitely gave me this opportunity. It taught me that I am truly the author of my own life story. SU provided the tools, the facilities and the guidance. All I needed to do was go for it!

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