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Combining Business and Religious Studies Leads to Better Understanding
Charlie Frekot ‘18

Charlie Frekot '18

I chose religious studies, because I have always been interested in all types of religion. It explains why many people make decisions in what they eat, say, and wear. It is also very eye opening to see how different religions play a part in people's lives across the world.

This ties into business as well, as business is becoming more international. You need to understand other religions to properly communicate and get the deal done.

So far, my favorite class has been World Religions. It gave me a chance to learn a bit about the beliefs of religions around the world and their history. I enjoyed learning about the eastern religions as I have not had many chances to learn about them.

I feel like I can meet with the faculty and discuss almost anything about class or that I need help with. In the spring semester of my freshman year, I went to talk to a professor to ask a few more question about a topic we were discussing in class. It was a little more than something that we could talk about in class, but they were more than willing to talk about it later, which I appreciated.

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