Creative Writing Major Lands Dream Job at Marvel

Creative Writing Major Lands Dream Job at Marvel

June 10, 2015

Christina Harrington '12 still remembers the first time she laid eyes on a comic book.

"I remember as a 4- or 5-year-old sneaking through my brother's bedroom and finding one of his Ghost Rider comic books," Harrington said. "Something about it really grabbed me."

From that moment on, Harrington was hooked, spending her birthday money on comic books and voraciously reading them at every opportunity.

"I don't know what it is that makes me love them so much. There's magic in it and I don't know what it is," Harrington admits. "Maybe it's the way that the art interacts with the words without anything taking away from the other."

Today, Harrington gets to experience that magic every day as an assistant editor at Marvel in the comic publisher's X-Men office. The opportunity came as a result of her internship at Marvel while pursuing her master's degree in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College.

"When I found out what office I got assigned to, I freaked out," Harrington said during a phone interview from outside the Marvel headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. "It's a dream come true."

Harrington attributes her success to the foundation she received as a creative writing major at Susquehanna University. She specifically pointed to Professor of English Laurence Roth and his course The Comic Book and Graphic Novel, as one that empowered her to appreciate the literary value of the comic storytelling medium.

"He gave me the tools to dissect the comics I was reading and to recognize when I was reading a story that was operating on a higher level," Harrington said.

As assistant editor at Marvel, Harrington is involved in every step of getting a comic book to publication, from initial reviews of proposed scripts to final reviews of the comic books, completed with illustrations and typography.

"I love these characters so much," Harrington said, "and it feels really great to be working with them in a creative way."

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