Design Student Crafts Advertising for Gaming Company

Design Student Crafts Advertising for Gaming Company

July 08, 2015

This summer, rising senior Erin McGarrah is riding high-all the way to the 59th floor of One World Trade Center, where she is working as a graphic design intern for High 5 Games in New York City.

High 5 Games (H5G) is a leading content creator of casino games for land-based, online and mobile audiences. To date, H5G has developed more than 300 games for audiences across the world.

As a Susquehanna graphic design major with minors in photography, art history and Spanish, McGarrah has plenty of experience juggling a busy schedule. Her daily internship responsibilities are varied and include creating advertisements and other designs for Facebook pages, advertisements for new games and introduction screens for mobile apps.

McGarrah is enhancing her Photoshop skills and learning fundamental advertising principles. "This internship has definitely been teaching me a lot about the web aspect of graphic design, and it is making me more interested in that field," she says.

She especially likes the company's team-centered culture. "On the floor, the desks are arranged so that there are no closed-off offices for those who have more power in the company," she explains. "Everyone sits next to each other. There can be a higher-up employee sitting right next to an intern. It's a really collaborative environment."

McGarrah attributes the graphic design program at Susquehanna with helping her land the paid internship. "The people at H5G were really impressed by my portfolio. Susquehanna's graphic design program taught me so many skills that I use in my job every day, such as creating aesthetic compositions and lettering."

As she prepares for her senior year of college, McGarrah is looking forward to exploring her postgraduate opportunities. "I have the next year to think about all of the types of fields that you can go into for graphic design. This internship is a great thing for my résumé, and I know that will be helpful when applying for a job."

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