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Falling in love with the sciences at Susquehanna
Emily Mausteller '17

Emily Mausteller '17

I chose Susquehanna, because it felt like home when I first came to visit. It was the first and the last college I came to on my college tour. I had heard great things about the science department at this university, and I was told that the campus was beautiful. And it was! I fell in love with the charming brick buildings and the blossoming trees. Everyone was so nice when I visited. I cannot remember ever seeing a person without a smile on their face when they greeted me. It was a great first-time college visit and it made a lasting impression. I am so glad I made this decision because I cannot imagine what my life would be like now had I not chosen to come here. I have made so many memories and so many friendships (with students and professors alike).

I chose ecology as my major, because I knew that I wanted to work in the natural sciences, but I was not exactly sure in what way. When I visited Susquehanna, my mom and I toured the 'natural sciences' room set up for questions about the majors, and I remember seeing the 'Ecology' sign right between 'Biology' and 'Earth and Environmental Sciences.' I walked over and met Dr. Persons, who later became my advisor. He told us about all that the major has to offer. It has been a great fit for me because it is the perfect mix between biology and earth and environmental sciences.

I have loved learning in the natural sciences from a comprehensive standpoint. In the major, we take every aspect of the environment into consideration when evaluating a problem or inquiry. Ecology is one of those awesome majors in which you can already begin to see the impact that you will have in the future and that is why I love it so much.

I have already worked on two separate research projects with both professors and senior students in the major. It is the bonds that I have made with my professors that have made my experience in Ecology so amazing. These professors are always there for me when I have a question or need advice (some constantly send me emails about more research opportunities). I may be biased, but to me, the Ecology department has the best group of professors across campus.

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