Finding Your Niche(s) on Campus

Finding Your Niche(s) on Campus
Finding Your Niche(s) on Campus

March 02, 2016

Vice president of the French Club. Member of the Black Student Union and Hillel. An interfaith student leader on campus. Admission office tour guide.

As a first-year student, Aminata Diallo is also the Class of 2019 president in the Student Government Association (SGA). And a member of the Nickname/Mascot Special Committee (NMSC), which is charged with guiding the selection process for a new university nickname.

You might think that Diallo, an international studies and French major, is an unusually active student. It's true, she is enthusiastically engaged in many activities she cares about, but that's not unusual at Susquehanna.

With more than 145 clubs and organizations, 23 varsity and multiple intramural sports, it's easy to get involved, make friends and develop leadership skills along the way.

James Norman, a sophomore accounting major from Bronx, N.Y., who also serves on the NMSC, says of that experience, "The most rewarding part ... is that I am able to say that I was a part of history. I am able to say that I witnessed and played a vital role in the changing of Susquehanna's identity as a student."

Norman is also SGA treasurer and a member of the Black Student Union, Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and the Orientation Team. As a career ambassador in the Career Development Center, he helps other students with interview skills and résumé building.

"It is gratifying being able to help other students on campus through my involvement," he says.  

What's his favorite fun activity? Airband during Greek Week, he says. "It's a great feeling to see all the Greek organizations come together and cheer each other on for a week, and then the final performance. It's really fun!"

Emily Leboffe's passion is running cross country and track. "Being a student-athlete has really defined who I am as a person, and has been a huge part of my experience at Susquehanna," says the junior biology major from Morris, N.Y. "It's great to see the support campus sports receive from faculty, staff, alumni and other students."

Leboffe also serves as a track representative on the Student Athletic Advising Committee (SAAC), is a member of the NMSC and is secretary of the Student Wellness Club.

Whatever your interest, you'll find it here at Susquehanna. And if you want to start a new venture, you can do that, too!

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