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Student Finds a Love of Neuroscience
Ian Endresen '16

December 12, 2015

Ian Endresen '16 always knew that he wanted to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country for an entire semester. And he needed a major with the flexibility to allow that. Neuroscience was the perfect fit.

While his path to majoring in neuroscience was unorthodox, Endresen has discovered a true love for studying the brain and nervous system.  

"It just fascinates me how complex our neurological system is, but we live without even realizing the amount of events occurring within our own bodies," he says.  

He has particularly enjoyed how the program encompasses so many disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, psychology and mathematics. 

"Neuroscience allowed me to have a larger, more general understanding of important key concepts," he says.   

Endresen also has minored in Spanish, and wants to become bilingual so he can communicate with a larger population of the world.  

After graduation from Susquehanna, Endresen plans to take a year off from further schooling to explore the job market in behavioral research at large gaming industries. He then plans to possibly attend graduate school to complete a Ph.D in neuroscience or psychology.    

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