Political Science Grad Sworn in as Judge

Political Science Grad Sworn in as Judge
Political Science Grad Sworn in as Judge

May 10, 2016

Abigail Myers LeGrow '01, recently sworn in as a Delaware Superior Court judge, credits the close attention she received at Susquehanna for her early success in her judicial career.

"I chose Susquehanna because of the small class sizes," the former political science major said. "It forced me to come out of my shell and have to take a position and voice my views on things, because you can't hide in those classes."

LeGrow returned to Susquehanna May 1 to judge the Urey Scholarship Competition, which is in memory of LeGrow's one-time advisor, the late Gene Urey, professor of political science.

LeGrow was nominated by Gov. Jack Markell for the court position last December. Her appointment continues the trend of Markell nominating almost exclusively women for the Delaware bench over the last year.

"I think it is challenging to be a woman in the law for a lot of reasons-part is perception and part is reality," LeGrow said. "The perception is that at some point a woman is likely to want to start a family, and you're already fighting that perception regardless of what your goals are. The key to success is having the people around you who are willing to help and know that you are willing to do the same when they need it."

Prior to her superior court appointment, LeGrow, who has two young children with her husband, Brian, served as a master in the Court of Chancery and was an associate with Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP, where she was a litigator.

Originally from West Chester, Pa., LeGrow imagined she would pursue her law career in Philadelphia, but she was attracted by Delaware's small bar association and rich corporate atmosphere.

"You have to have goals in your head of where you want to end up, but also be flexible enough to be willing to pursue the unexpected opportunity that might be a better fit for you," she said. "If I had followed my own path, I would never have ended up here."

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