Susquehanna Celebrates Opening of Bloomberg Terminals

Susquehanna Celebrates Opening of Bloomberg Terminals
Susquehanna Celebrates Opening of Bloomberg Terminals

February 17, 2015

Susquehanna University on Monday celebrated the opening of new Bloomberg Terminals at its state-of-the-art Student Investment Center at the Sigmund Weis School of Business. The acquisition, made possible through an endowment from the Ortenzio family and support from Susquehanna Trustee Joseph Palchak Jr. '71, is the latest in a series of improvements to the investment center.

With support from the Ortenzio endowment, the center was redesigned last summer to enhance its use as a teaching space. While already a functioning trading room, the addition of the Bloomberg Terminals now takes the investment center-and the work students do there-to an all-new level.

"Most undergraduates have never even seen a Bloomberg Terminal, let alone been trained how to use one," said Marsha Kelliher, dean of the business school.

The terminals, which come complete with specialized keyboards, double-screen displays and the Bloomberg Professional investment software, will allow students to monitor and analyze the financial markets in real time and place trades on Bloomberg's electronic trading platform.

Kelliher sums up the significance of this experience-and its optional Bloomberg certification-with one word: jobs. Practical knowledge of these industry-standard terminals will be a huge advantage to finance majors and other business students when they begin their job searches.

Susquehanna Trustee Martin "Marty" Ortenzio '83 P'10, who established the endowment with his wife, Mary Pat, and parents, Rocco and Nancy, can attest to the terminals' importance. "We use Bloomberg Terminals in our business," said Marty, CEO of Select Rental Corp. "I know how critical they are to business, especially in the investment area."

Still, he's quick to point out that the terminals are only "a supplement to what the business school already has in place. They are not a replacement for good teachers and motivated students. They are just a tool."

The Bloomberg Terminals are available to students in other disciplines as well. Several terminals are set up at other key locations on campus for use by a range of students and faculty.

A Family Affair

In April, the Ortenzios were inducted into the Susquehanna Society, a designation recognizing donors whose lifetime giving to the university exceeds $1 million. This multi-generational Susquehanna family-which extends to a third generation in Marty and Mary Pat's son, David, a 2010 graduate-are generous donors to the business school, whose programs in finance and entrepreneurship have been the major beneficiaries.

The family's affinity for Susquehanna dates back to Marty's earliest days on campus. "My father was on Susquehanna's board," Marty said. "He loved the school from the minute I came here as a student. Our love for SU, and respect and admiration for the people who run the place prompted us to invest in it."

In addition to their financial support, Susquehanna has benefited from the leadership of both Rocco (past) and Marty (present) on the Board of Trustees. Marty was prompted to follow in his father's footsteps, as both a trustee and philanthropist, because of the benefits a Susquehanna education have given him and David.

"It's been apparent to me at every stage of my career, what a great foundation I received at Susquehanna," Marty said. "The fact that my son and I both got an excellent foundation in business here, a liberal arts school, is pretty special."

What's Next?