Often busy with friends and classes, the four siblings’ on-campus activities give them an excuse to spend time together, attending Alyssa’s home soccer games and supporting Pat and Mike with their involvement in the Student Government Association. Jess and Mike play on an intramural soccer team together, and the four try to have a family dinner at least once a week.

The university’s GO Program has helped the siblings forge a new tradition. While Mike was studying in London last year, not only did he have an opportunity to travel throughout Europe, but Patrick visited. Last semester, while Patrick was studying in Barcelona, Spain, his siblings traveled there over break. And when Alyssa and Jess travel on their GO programs, they expect that their siblings will visit them, too.

While the four are best friends, Jess says the best part of her college experience so far has been meeting so many great people. “Everyone I talk to is genuinely nice, and I have made some friendships that I already know will last a lifetime.”

As a result of an internship with Franklin Mutual Insurance, Mike already has a job offer beginning in June, right after commencement.

While there are many pluses to four children attending the same college, the Bolgers say that knowing their children are there to help one another is most reassuring. “They definitely look after one another,” Karen says.

“The faculty and staff are fantastic. We love that the president of the university knows our kids’ names,” John adds. “We have met many of the kids’ professors and have left every conversation with them knowing that they truly have an interest in our kids’ success. Pat has had lunch with his professors a few times, and they reached out to him in Spain just to check in on him. It’s a warm and nurturing environment, and we couldn’t be prouder that they all will be graduating from SU.”

Betse Humphrey is a contributing writer from Selinsgrove, Pa.

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