The “Silent” Partner

The board’s design was Gilson’s brain child, but as he says in a slick, high-quality product video on Vimeo, “It turns out that’s actually a really difficult thing to build.”

That’s where Royer comes in. “I’m the general knowledge kind of guy,” he says, noting that he “comes from a long line of tinkerers.”

In his “WeBeGB” video, part of a Vimeo series introducing the Gilson team, Royer describes himself as someone passionate about “anything that gets me moving, that I can explore and check out what’s underneath the surface.”

It’s a passion he perfected at Susquehanna, where, he says, his experiences doing scientific research taught him the art of learning, of “constantly adjusting what you know” and using that newfound knowledge to find solutions to problems.

This mindset and a knack for engineering and mechanics helped Royer create a proprietary pressing system for the company that, Gilson says, is safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than anything on the market.

So while Gilson, the company’s CEO, concentrates on things like concept development and marketing, Royer, its head of manufacturing, spends his time in the shop, quietly building boards and the equipment that produces them. It’s where he seems happiest—at least when he can’t be on the slopes.

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