The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Fortunately, winter comes back every year, unleashing the Gilson “tribe” on mountaintops across the country where they build their brand from the back of an Airstream™ travel trailer.

“We’re not able to reach people with an intangible product like an app on the Internet,” says Danny Jones, ride team manager and board developer, in the product video. “We need to be able to go out there and tangibly hand somebody something. We need to physically share it,and well, it’s really special.”

As in any sport, there’s a certain camaraderie among snowboarders, a collaborative spirit that is exemplified by Gilson’s staff of board developers, team riders and designers. It’s a workspace where titles mean little, and the team works in concert to make a successful product.

“We’ve got a group here that has put literally everything we’ve got into making this board as perfect as it can possibly be,” Gilson says in the product video. “We’ve got a product now that I guarantee you are going to love.”

And the more adventurous among us can see for ourselves on mountaintops across the country next (dare I say) winter.

Victoria Kidd is associate director of advancement communications and editor of Susquehanna Currents.

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