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While living and working abroad, the late Eric Stein '69 realized the importance of building international business competency in students. Prior to his death in 2006, he generously created the Eric Stein Fund for International Experience, an endowment that enables students in the Sigmund Weis School of Business to intern with companies around the world.

This year, four students were named Stein Fellows and spent their summer working abroad, from Australia to South Korea. Senior marketing major Bria Parker worked as a market research intern with iMode in Seoul, South Korea. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Richart '17, a business administration major, worked as a human resources support intern with FTI Consulting in Sydney, Australia.

The other two Stein Fellows, seniors Marc LeDrappier and David Miller, capitalized on the fellowship by using their international travel as both an internship opportunity and their Global Opportunities (GO) experience, required of all students as part of the central curriculum. In addition to traditional semester-long programs and faculty-led short-term trips, Susquehanna's award-winning GO program offers students the flexibility of devising a trip of their own through the GO Your Own Way option.

LeDrappier's GO experience went hand-in-hand with his internship at The Blue Rock, a company that advises businesses in areas of accounting, law and wealth management in Melbourne, Australia. He produced report analyses, modified spreadsheets and tested a new database system for the company while also experiencing local customs and learning about the culture.

"Gaining exposure to another culture I've always dreamt about going to was life-changing," LeDrappier says. He is appreciative of the freedom GO Your Own Way afforded him. "Being able to sculpt my own creative journey was something I was so blessed to experience."

Miller, who spent the summer in the port city of Valencia, Spain, interning with the startup shipping company Shipeer, also lauds the opportunities presented by the Stein fellowship and the GO program. During his internship, he assisted in making business plans, as well as budgeting and financial work, for the company. "Experience in an industry and in a foreign country makes a job candidate more appealing," Miller says. "The professional development I gained is significant."

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