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From making the dean's list and studying abroad to presenting your research and volunteering for a good cause, we want to celebrate your achievements! Now, with the help of, we can celebrate your success like never before!

Not only can we continue to share the good news about your accomplishments with your hometown newspapers, we can create a customizable web page for you to collect and share your achievements with family and friends. What's more, you can add a photo, other activities and work experience to your Merit page to create a positive online presence to show off to prospective employers, internship providers and graduate schools. Merit will even send a notice to your parents and high school each time you are granted an achievement so they, too, can share the good news on social media.

University Communications maintains an extensive list of achievements students can earn each semester. Campus departments, clubs and organizations provide the office with the names of students who earn these accomplishments. University Communications in turn creates personalized stories about students and their accomplishments, and awards them a badge that publishes to their Merit page. In addition, stories are sent to each student's hometown newspapers for publication.

The Merit system automatically identifies all newspapers covering a student's hometown area by zip code.


You will be notified of the announcement through your Susquehanna email address, and be encouraged to share your accomplishments with family and friends through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Family and friends can even receive notification of your achievements and share the good news on social media by following your Merit page.


A badge is Susquehanna's visual representation of a given achievement. Each time a student is recognized, a badge appears on the student's Merit page with a summary of their achievement that, when selected, expands to reveal a fuller story about the accomplishment. From there, students can easily share the achievement on social media. Family and friends can even choose to follow your Merit page so they are the first to know when you're granted a new achievement.


It works just like the follow buttons on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Every student with a Merit page can follow, and be followed by, other users.

When someone becomes a Follower, they receive email updates when Merit grants you an achievement, which they can then share on social media. All non-student followers must sign-up in order to follow a student, and all students have the ability block a follower.

Students are notified via email when someone choses to follow them. From that email, students can log in to Merit where they will be redirected to the Followers page in their account. From the Followers page, students can View Followers, Follow Back, or Block a Follower.

  1. Go to and search for your name.*
  2. Next to your name, find the option to claim your profile.
  3. Enter your Susquehanna email address and submit the form. Merit will send you a confirmation email with a link to finish the claiming process.
  4. Claim your Merit page using Facebook, Twitter or email and follow the corresponding prompts. During the claiming process, students will be presented with several opportunities to select their own privacy settings and permissions. 

Once you claim your Merit page using Facebook, Twitter or email, you will enter a five-step workflow that allows you to configure your name and the email where you would like to receive achievement notifications. In addition, you'll be given options to add a photo, additional activities and work experience.

You can edit and update your Merit page anytime by signing in to Merit and clicking the edit, or pencil, icon located to right of your name.

*Students who have filled out the Student Publicity Form on mySU, giving University Communications permission to publicize their achievements, will receive email notification to view their newly created Merit page. They can begin the claiming process directly from there. If you have already filled out the student publicity form, you DO NOT need to do so again. Anyone wishing to update their publicity preferences can resubmit the form through the hyperlink listed above.

Your Merit page creates a positive online identity to help ensure your future success. Decision-makers looking to fill their next internship, job or grad school class often research applicants online. It's important in today's competitive job market to make sure your online impression is a good one. Merit helps you do that by showcasing your accomplishments with official college badges authenticating each achievement.

Merit and Susquehanna maintain compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The information contained in your Merit profile, such as first name, last name and hometown, is considered "directory information" and does not conflict with FERPA.

To opt out of the program, simply click on the opt-out button at the bottom of an email you receive from Merit. There is also an opt-out link on your Merit page, or you can email your request to