We are grateful to the many alumni, students, parents and others who contributed to SU's Day of Giving, OneSU, on March 1, 2019. It was one spectacular day when many individuals came together to support Susquehanna students and the quality education they receive.

Please see results below. We are also appreciative of gifts throughout the year. If you are inspired to help Susquehanna students, please go here!

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Celebrating Scholarship

The Celebrating Scholarship Luncheon brought students together with donors, who are the splendid torch that continues to sustain us brightly into the future. 


Volunteers and donors gathered to celebrate Milestones, the annual event that recognizes loyal supporters devoted to making a difference at Susquehanna.

Creating Opportunity

The world today needs bright, committed young talent as never before. Learn how you can open a door, challenge a mind, shape a heart and touch the future.