Thank You!

Each year, Susquehanna University donors and students gather to celebrate the many ways in which donor support touches the lives of students. This special event provides students with the opportunity to meet and thank, in person, the extraordinary people who make a difference at Susquehanna through their generosity.

Thank you to our loyal donors for the vital role you play in shaping the lives of Susquehanna students. Through your unwavering support, we are able to provide students with powerful opportunities for learning and growth.

This year’s event focused on achievement, leadership and service in a diverse, dynamic and interdependent world. Samantha D’Amico '18 and Gabriela Marrero '18 shared how the university’s mission shaped their lives and prepared them for their next journey beyond Susquehanna.

The Legacy You Leave

Samantha D'Amico '18

Christopher D. Rooke ’82 Scholarship

Signe Gates 911 Scholarship

"I thank everyone here who supports the mission of this university that helped me discover who I am. I am going to leave Susquehanna knowing that I have all the skills necessary to succeed in life. If the company I work for sends me abroad, I know how to adapt to different cultures and a new environment. My global experience has broadened my perspective. Whatever comes my way in the work force, I know that I will succeed and having that confidence can make all the difference. "

Gabriela Marrero '18

The Harold C. and Nancy M. O’Connor Distinguished Achievement Scholarship

"Due to my experience at Susquehanna, I now understand just how profound a college education can be, and I am sure many of us in this room agree. To this room full of supporters, we thank you. We as students will continue to apply ourselves so that one day, we are able to pay it forward. Because of your generosity, students are able to thrive. Because of you, I am standing here, as a proud first-generation, college-educated Latina woman. I may be the first in my family to go to college, but I will certainly not be the last. Thank you all for everything that you do for Susquehanna."