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SU Graduates Really Go Places

A degree from Susquehanna University does more than look beautiful in a frame—it means higher lifetime earings (SU is in the top 10% of all colleges and universities nationwide), and six years after graduation the median earnings for our alumni is $54,100, a whopping 64% higher than the national median.

Our undergraduates study and intern abroad, and this drive doesn't end at graduation.  Alums start careers, and further their educations all around the world. But why just take our word for it when we have a map?!

Illustrated map of locations where graduates are employed or continue their education

Near and far, nonprofit and corporate, our alums have a high success rate for finding work in their fields and graduate programs that help them further their eduational goals. The knowledge gleaned as an SU student combined with the hands-on skills developed during international internships and study abroad opportunities set our graduates apart from the pack.

11 Fulbright winners in the past seven years
96% of grads working or in grad school within months
10% of top US colleges for lifetime earnings
$54K median salary 6 years after graduation

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