Susquehanna’s graduating class worked hard to reach the milestone that is Commencement. The university celebrates them and their achievements by hosting a variety of special events. Senior Scholars Day is an opportunity for seniors to showcase and present what they’ve learned throughout their academic career at SU. Senior Week, the week leading up to Commencement, is filled with fun university traditions — including trips to lively spots around the area, lawn games and complimentary food trucks and beverages — so graduates can kick back, relax and celebrate with their friends before heading out into the world.

Senior Hike

It’s a beautiful day in May and Commencement is just around the corner. Busloads of seniors are gathered and waiting, ready to hike up nearby Mt. Mahanoy with the president.

The Senior Hike is a long-standing tradition, which dates back to the 19th century and was revived in the early 2000s, where the university president leads the senior class up Mt. Mahanoy on a relatively short, but steep, trail. In less than an hour, hikers will climb 1,400 feet. On the best of days, it is a difficult walk.

At the summit, seniors gaze upon the Susquehanna River Valley below as Jennifer Elick, associate professor of earth & environmental sciences, tells of how the land was carved by glaciers, influencing the Susquehanna River’s flow. It is likely their last lecture from a Susquehanna professor.

The president delivers words of encouragement and inspiration, photos with friends and the president are taken, and many laughs and hugs are shared. Then it’s back down the mountain to head to campus, where, in just a few days, seniors will proudly walk across the stage to receive their diplomas.

Senior Scholars Day

Susquehanna students have a multitude of opportunities to do undergraduate research, perfect musical skills, create artwork and work on projects related to their field of study.

With the closing of the spring semester, seniors have the chance to show off their hard work to faculty, staff, students and the public on Senior Scholars Day. Throughout the day, students present research findings in the form of poster displays and oral presentations, music students perform in recitals, and those majoring in graphic design and studio art curate their Senior Graphic Design & Studio Art Show in The Lore Degenstein Gallery.

The day also allows students to honor those professors they have worked so closely with during their time at Susquehanna.

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During Commencement season, there is so much to celebrate at Susquehanna. One of the ceremonies we look forward to is Baccalaureate, a non-religious service prior to Commencement for graduates, their families and supporters.

Student speakers, readers and musicians from the graduating class reflect on the theme of gratitude in light of their academic journeys. The celebration also includes the singing of Susquehanna’s Alma Mater and musical offerings from the Baccalaureate choir.

Susquehanna’s Baccalaureate ceremony, celebrating the Class of 2023, is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 19, 2023, in Weber Chapel Auditorium.

Image of Susquehanna University President Green at Baccalaureate 2022.