Teach-in Mission Statement:

Susquehanna University’s MLK Teach-in is an effort to model civil discourse and to promote the work of justice, affirming the rights of all to dignity, equity, and inclusion. The Teach-in is also meant to cultivate brave spaces: spaces in which conflict or disagreement can emerge but these moments are treated as opportunities to share authentically, listen actively, and engage respectfully without putting up harmful defenses, issuing dangerous generalizations, or creating us/them barriers that prevent learning. In accordance with the university’s statement on Diversity and Inclusiveness, we will include sessions that represent the breadth of human experiences and that demonstrate the critical awareness “of the ways power and privilege influence practices, processes, and relationships.” Each Teach-in session is intended to be participatory, committed to fostering engagement and open dialogue.

January 28, 2021

MLK Teach-In Schedule Details 2021