5 Reasons Why D3 Rocks

March 31, 2017

Student-athletes on courts, fields, water and in classrooms around the country are celebrating Division III week with their universities. At Susquehanna, we want you to hear directly from the heart of Division III athletics – our student athletes – on what is so great about playing and studying – D3 style.

1. D3 prepares you for your future

Matt Chrencik

Matt Chrencik

Senior, Men's Soccer

Biology Major

Finksburg, Md.

I wanted to pursue a career in medicine and I realized that playing D3 would allow me to compete at a high level while also allowing me to put a high level of priority on academic success, better preparing me for the future and my goals of attending medical school. D3 allows me to have an optimal balance between academic, athletic and extracurricular activities, giving me a more holistic college experience.

2. The campus becomes your family

Morgan Lowe

Morgan Lowe

Junior, Volleyball

Accounting Major

Mountville, Pa.

I love playing at the D3 level because it allows me to be a true student-athlete; I'm able to be equally committed to academics, athletics, and my personal life. Having played previously in a D1 program, I have discovered that D3 allows for a much more balanced lifestyle. In addition to this, D3 schools tend to be smaller, which creates a unique experience in that the campus community is closely knit, and the athletics program is able to truly foster a "family" environment. I have found here at Susquehanna that so many coaches, professors, and administrators genuinely care about the personal development of the individuals with whom they work, and not solely on their performance. These relationships create a unique experience that I don't believe can be found in just any program, and the D3 environment ultimately contributes to this experience.

3. Excel at things you love

Tessa Woodring

Tessa Woodring

Senior, Field Hockey

Communications Major

Mifflinburg, Pa.

I chose D3 because I loved the idea of being able to be a part of an amazing athletic program and also be a part of an amazing academic program. I wanted to go to a school where I could excel in the sport I love as well as excel in the classroom. I knew Susquehanna could give me both of those elements, so it was an easy choice for me.

4. Commitment and passion go together

Robert Marks

Robert Marks

Freshman, Football and Track & Field

Marketing Major

Mt. Holly, N.J.

D3 is a different type of commitment for athletes—it's more than just sports. You need to have passion for the sport to succeed in D3. It's competitive, in sports as well in the classroom.

5. Small class sizes and professors who get to know you

Tyler Hoagland

Tyler Hoagland

Sophomore, Men's Basketball

Finance Major

Mechanicsburg, Pa.

I chose Division III because the academics are very good. All of my classes are relatively small therefore, I am able to form better relationships with the professors and seek help when needed. Also Susquehanna has a good basketball program with a good culture. I like Division III athletics because you play for the love of the game and not for scholarships like other levels.

Bonus: Don't just play one sport—how about two?

Kasey Bost

Kasey Bost

Freshman, Volleyball & Softball

Biochemistry Major

Eldersburg, Md.

I chose Division 3 because I get the opportunity to play the two sports that I love (volleyball and softball), but also know that my schoolwork comes first. I also learned and continue to learn how to lead and have a voice not only on the sports field, but also in the classroom and other clubs on campus! Through D3 sports I have the chance to build genuine relationships with all of my coaches and teammates throughout my college career.

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