Lessons Learned During Internship Set Stage for Career

Brandon Walls '16

February 19, 2016

While interning with the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership, Brandon Walls '16 may well have learned a lesson that many professionals struggle with throughout their careers: How to strike a balance between their own creative vision and that of their boss.

Walls, of Mifflinburg, worked with the organization managing their events database and redesigning print collateral, such as a new brochure. Eager to give the brochure a radically new look, Walls dove in to his assignment, but the editing process surprised him.

"It was basically changed to the point where it was the old layout with some updated content and pictures," Walls said. "Even though I disagreed with their opinion, I still followed through with their suggestions because ultimately they are in charge."

The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership advocates for public and private efforts to connect people with Pennsylvania's natural and cultural resources, and promote a sustainable and healthy environment. The partnership is focused on five strategic program initiatives to attain these benefits: conserving and enhancing natural resources, revitalizing river towns, improving connectivity, improving river access and signage, branding and promotion.

Admittedly disappointed to see a project changed after he'd invested such creativity, Walls took the experience and grew from it.

"This is something very important that I learned, because there are going to be times in my career when I will need to set my vision for something aside and follow the vision of the supervisor or client," he said. "One of the biggest things that I learned during my internship is that you have be able to adapt to your working environment and go in with an open mind."

Walls plans to pursue a career in advertising or marketing with the goal of landing a job in New York City or Philadelphia. 

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