Debating the American Dream With The Mineola Twins

Susquehanna University

February 16, 2018

Susquehanna University's spring theatre season will open with a student-directed production of The Mineola Twins Feb. 22-25 in Degenstein Center Theater.

The play tells the story of twins Myra and Myrna, identical in every way except their chest size and outlook on life. Myra tends to be more of a rebel, while Myrna leads a more conservative lifestyle. Their two personalities clash as they mature from teenagers in the 1950s to adults throughout the 1960s to 1980s. They must reconcile their personal beliefs with the various world events and societal expectations that surround them.

The play aims to make the audience laugh and cry at its highly dysfunctional, yet relatable, family dynamics.

Senior theatre performance major Rebekah Krumenacker, of Mechanicsburg, Pa., is directing the production under the guidance of Laura Dougherty, visiting assistant professor of theatre. Krumenacker commented on how the collaboration between student designers, costumers and actors has really come together to create a "mind-blowing" production.

"This show really breaks down how we see people who are 'different' and plays into how no one should be treated differently just because they do something that you don't think you would do," she said.

According to Krumenacker, it has been an interesting experience directing this play, especially since the titular twins are being played by the same actress. However, she believes that through the double casting, the audience will be able to see how some people may seem different, but that ultimately, we are all the same.

For tickets, patrons can visit the University Box Office in the Degenstein Center Theater lobby or call 570-372-ARTS (2787). The Box Office is open Monday through Friday, between noon and 5 p.m. while university classes are in session.

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