English Students Launch Podcast

Susquehanna University Podcast
Susquehanna University Heather Lang

December 14, 2018

Susquehanna University students in the Department of English and Creative Writing have launched Me/Us/U, a podcast that explores a variety of topics, including linguistics, sexuality and gender identity, and the college experience.

The eight-episode season is now live on the web, Radio Public and Apple Podcasts. The trailer for this season is available here.

ME/US/U is the collaborative work of a group of Susquehanna English students that is written, recorded, edited and published on-campus with the help of Heather Lang, assistant professor of digital publishing and faculty advisor to Me/Us/U.

The podcast dives into topics such as regional dialects, activism, books, the queer community, social interaction in the digital age, the importance of stories, satire and critical commentary, and more.

"In producing this season, students were especially interested in capitalizing on the unique resources afforded by our university community to intervene in important conversations about identity, culture and politics," Lang said. "I'm truly excited about the content these insightful students have produced. This is, to my knowledge, one of only a few courses in the country that is dedicated to podcasting. I'm thankful to the students and to our supporters for what has been a rewarding and enlightening experience."

The goal of ME/US/U Podcast is to give authority to the undermined voices of creative people and college students and to engage in discussion on a wide range of topics to which the Susquehanna community and outside communities can relate.

Learn more about the podcast and its creators here.

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