Rick Dorman

At Susquehanna, Rick Dorman '75 fell in love with the liberal arts. Now, as president of Westminster College, a highly-regarded liberal arts institution in New Wilmington, Pa., he is one of the field's greatest proponents

Peter Arduini '86

Peter Arduini '86 is the president, CEO and director of Integra LifeScience, a $2.5 billion worldwide leader in regenerative tissue and medical technology products based in Plainsboro, N.J.

Michael Kling '80

For Michael Kling '80, serving others is a no-brainer. A volunteer firefighter since the age of 22, Kling has rescued people from burning buildings, tunneled through World Trade Center rubble searching for 9-11 survivors, and helped both vehicular accident and flood victims.

Jeff Morgan '82

Inspired to volunteer by his work with nonprofits, Jeff Morgan '82 has served on the Susquehanna Alumni Association's executive board for the past 14 years.