Julie Ehm ’19
Major: Advertising & Marketing
Studied in New Zealand

My experience was life-changing because my professors and peers were open-minded to the Maori culture. We spent so much time learning about it in our GO prep class, and it translated in our experience there. The Maori culture today, in their carried-on traditions, speaks volumes to their heritage and values and what makes all cultures so special. This experience really opened my eyes to not just seeing a culture but being immersed in it.

Rachel Lambert ’20
Major: Advertising & Marketing
Studied in Florence, Italy

GO let me achieve one of my dreams by going out of the country for the first time, knowing no one and being away from home for the longest I had ever been before — all proving to myself that I am capable of anything. I also met people from different countries and cultures who somehow are so much like me yet have so much to teach me. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I will never forget!


Michelle Coles ’13
Major: Creative Writing
Studied in London, England
Studying in London at a university with other international students gave me a fully immersive international experience without needing to learn another language. I went back to Regent's for my master’s degree, which has led me to my current role in international student services. It has helped me connect better with my students and I wouldn't have gotten into international higher ed had it not been for my GO program and working in the GO office afterward.

Kyle Robertson ’11
Major: Marketing and Music
Studied in London, England
The semester abroad exposed me to a new way of life. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to experience many “firsts.” I came back home knowing that I wanted to work in a city for a multinational corporation. Upon graduation, I secured a job in New York City and was fortunate enough to move with the company to London about three years ago. I fully credit the London Program for inspiring my career path to NYC and now back to London.

Logan Sears ’20
Major: Marketing
Studied in Hawaii 

During my time in Hawaii I was able to diversify myself in ways that weren’t even imaginable. The things I learned about the culture in Hawaii taught me to have more of an open mind and to always be willing to learn.


Jacqueline Bates ’20
Major: Early Childhood Education with Special Education Certification
Studied in Greece

GO Greece allowed me to conquer fears and explore my previous biases. Through traveling to Greece, I gained friendships I would have never had otherwise, and was able to change my perspective on numerous topics.

Caitlyn Curtin ’16
Major: Sociology
Studied in Republic of Georgia
I went to the Republic of Georgia on a mission for the United States Army. I was sent to Mountain Warfare School in the Northern Territory very close to the border of Russia to learn rucking, repelling, rope tying and mountain warfare tactics.

Julia Ernst ’19
Major: Business Administration and Philosophy
Studied in Prague, Czech Republic

I learned how to survive in a city alone and I’m a better person because of it. A semester abroad also helped me solidify the idea that I want to work as an adviser on some level to help students like myself have access to more opportunities. To start this path, I joined the PA College Advising Corps to advise students in underrepresented areas as they plan their post-secondary lives. Hopefully after I finish my service with that, I can find a job at a university or even abroad that involves helping make study abroad more accessible for all students.


Gina Moscato ’15
Major: Music
Studied in Austria
As a music major, I found it to be very hard to study away for a full semester, so this three-week program really was perfect! I got to see my first opera at a big opera house. I got to see tons of architecture that you see in history books. I can’t explain the feeling. It was magical. Going abroad has not only helped me with my career, but also helped me as a person! 

Janai Henderson ’19
Major: Comparative Cultures and Spanish Studies
Studied in Alicante, Spain

Immersive interaction with other types of people is the best way for a person to open their worldview. After studying abroad, I finally found the best way for me to help other people open their minds as well. The incredible experience I had while I was abroad made me realize that I wanted to work in the field of international education. Not long after graduation, I landed a job as an Admissions Advisor at the same company I had my GO experience with: Spanish Studies Abroad. I can't wait until I can see my first group enjoying their time abroad just like I did.

South Africa

Katelynn Ondek ’14
Major: Neuroscience
Studied in South Africa
I took advantage of Go Your Way to intern at a marine research organization in South Africa. It not only expanded my worldview (I'd never been outside the country before or even traveled on my own) but also gave me the confidence in myself that eventually allowed me to move across the country for veterinary school.

Cecilia Gigliotti ’16
Major: Creative Writing
Studied in Austria

While it was not my first time overseas, the GO experience's unique structure allowed me to move more independently and confidently than ever before. It was probably instrumental to my successfully conducting an entire semester abroad in grad school and traveling across Europe solo during that semester. Perhaps most significantly, the knowledge I gained (and retained) of German language, culture and geography will be useful now that I have accepted a job as a fiction writer for a start-up app at the self-publishing company Inkitt, whose offices are in Berlin! Suffice it to say I would not feel nearly so prepared to make an international move without an opportunity like the GO program under my belt.

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