Memories from the Lemons Kids

As President Lemons leaves office, he and his family are also moving out of Pine Lawn, the house that has been home for 16 years. For Olivia, Maggie, Thomas and Meredith, Jay and Marsha's four children, Pine Lawn was their childhood home and the Susquehanna campus their playground. Each was asked for their fondest memory of Susquehanna. Those recollections are shared below.


Susquehanna has been my home for as long as I can remember. I will always be able to walk the campus in my mind and relive memories of the place. This home extends from one end of the campus to the other... Pine Lawn, though, has always been my true home. I will always be able to picture the layout of the house and my room, and remember so many wonderful memories of my family's time within those walls.

One of my greatest memories is when I was between the ages of 9 and 12. My dad would come home from a long day of work and spend time with me before I went to bed. One of the things that we always did was play FIFA on the Nintendo DS. I remember spending countless hours playing FIFA on the Nintendo DS. I enjoyed every second of my time with my dad, and I wish I could go back to those times. They mean a lot to me, and make me so proud of who my dad is. He has always worked so hard as the president of Susquehanna, yet still found time to spend hours playing Nintendo with me.


Susquehanna is and always will be my home. The majority of my childhood memories are set in Pine Lawn or on the campus with Susquehanna's faculty, staff, students and families. As I begin my own college search, I can only dream to find a place as inviting and inclusive as Susquehanna has been.

The people that have surrounded my family and me have given me a sense of community that I will look for as I journey forward.

We have had the privilege of making good friends with other families that are connected to Susquehanna, and the Coyne family is one of them. Mike Coyne is someone you should meet if you have not. He is the CFO here at SU and loves kids. When I came here I was a baby, and Mike used to call me "Merriment."

We've been friends-and jokesters-since then. Because I am known for being spirited and sassy, and Mike is too, we have had fun teasing each other. He also has the greatest laugh, and although I think I am taller than he is now (I like to tease him about that!), he is a big man in my eyes and will forever be linked to my memories of the Susquehanna family that became our own.


Growing up in Pine Lawn meant having very unconventional, often transient, neighbors, but it also meant growing up surrounded by the nurturing embrace of the larger Susquehanna community.

So much of my childhood was enriched by conversations in the dining room, events in Degenstein Theater, and a constant trickle of interesting and engaging people who made the community tick, whether as students, educators or staff. Some of my best friends to this day are people I used to chase around during Capture the Flag at year-end staff picnics. The Susquehanna family is one I feel blessed to be a part of.

"Mags" (aka Maggie)

A college campus was the best place to grow up. There were always events going on, lectures to attend, concerts to listen to, bouncy houses to play in, and adults to entertain. Plus, there are few things more exciting to an extroverted kid than "grown-up" college students willing to listen to endless stories and watch Lemons kids' productions of Broadway plays. (Thank goodness there are no videos!)

My siblings and I all learned the value of community from Susquehanna ... When we first arrived at SU, unsuspecting people let me, age 6 at the time, take them on long-and long-winded-tours of Pine Lawn. When my siblings and I decided we wanted to sell wool outside of our house, students indulged us. When we wanted to create our own movies, our babysitters held the camera.

My absolute favorite memory is of the year SU students decorated Pine Lawn for the holidays. Several dozen students dressed the tree, hung the garland, lit the menorah, and filled the halls of Pine Lawn with laughter, music and good cheer. There was a mountain of cakes and popcorn balls, and hot chocolate with all the fixings. I trace my love of holiday decorating back to this moment. It was magical. It also perfectly captures how lucky I was to grow up on Susquehanna's campus. I was always supported, challenged and loved, and surrounded by intelligent, kind, incredible people. For that, I am so grateful. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU ALL!

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