Students Take Studies to Singapore


This past winter, the Sigmund Weis School of Business sent nine students to Singapore, where each completed an 80-hour intensive consulting internship. Participating students received a scholarship from The Goldstein Fund for International Internships to help fund their one-of-a-kind experience.

“We were thrilled that our students were exposed to Singapore’s culture,” says Matthew Rousu, dean of the business school. “Part of their immersion involved working for several prestigious companies. The students’ feedback shows that they had an amazing experience — both at work and exploring Singapore.”

Team Presents Strategic Plan to Daimler AG

Recent graduate and finance major Conor Novak ’20 completed his internship with Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz. Novak, along with Bayley McClure ’22, Molly Turnbull ’22 and Virginia Macomber ’22, used client information and credit  data from customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region to create a comprehensive plan to increase customer retention within the financial services department of Mercedes-Benz. At the conclusion of their work, all four presented their strategic plan to the company’s executive team.

Novak says the most exciting aspect of his experience was the challenge of having a consultation role with an open-ended project.

“Our manager gave us a brief overview of the industry and some of the main ideas of what they were looking for us to accomplish. The rest — what direction we wanted to go, what ideas we thought were worthwhile in implement- ing, the strategies we wanted to use, and the customers we wanted to target — were all left completely up to us.

“Personally, the lessons I’ve learned from my education at Susquehanna were tremendous in helping me navigate this daunting task,” Novak exclaims.

Following graduation, Novak accepted a full-time position with Merrill Lynch, and attributes his international internship experience to helping him stand apart from other applicants.

“Interviewing is all about telling a story, and this internship has provided me with a great deal of information and experiences that I can share with potential employers,” he adds.

Unilever Consulting Focuses on Marketing

International business major Sara Arbogast ’21 completed her internship with Unilever, working closely with Ponds, the branch specializing in beauty products. Arbogast, along with Robert Marks ’20 and Juliana Beatty ’22, was responsible for building a market portfolio, helping redesign the brand’s image, and researching a new target market for their products.

Arbogast says a major challenge she faced while working and living in Singapore was the language barrier. While many people spoke English, some common expressions and mannerisms used in the workplace presented misunderstandings for the international students.

“When you finally understand each other’s point, it’s something very simple and you just shake your head, but it was definitely a learning curve for me and helped me think outside of the box on communicating,” Arbogast explains.

Along with honing her professional skills, Arbogast says that her intercultural fluency was enhanced as a result of her Singapore experience.

“This internship really prepared me for my future career in international business by broadening my perspectives,” she explains. “I now have a hands-on experience working outside the U.S., which has given me a better understanding of how interconnected business is worldwide.”

Also participating in the Singapore internship program were Michael Underwood ’22, an accounting major from Arundel, Maine, and Torey Brown ’20, a finance major from Phoenix, Arizona.

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