Manouchka Paulemont '16: 
On the Women's Leadership Symposium  

After attending the first Women's Leadership Symposium last year, I felt I gained positive feedback and advice on my questions about internships and life after graduation. It also gave me a lot of good insight on how to move forward, and how to network and make connections. I thought it was a great opportunity for the women of the business school who were chosen to attend.

Having attended before, I thought it was important to take on a leadership role at the symposium this year because there were a lot of freshmen who attended. Many of them had never networked before or have never been to company visits. While visiting JPMorgan Chase, I was able to set a good example for them by being engaged and asking a lot of questions. I knew the other students were looking up to me, and being a notable example to follow made the experience even more rewarding. We all got a lot from the alumni, and I know the other students got a lot from me, too.

To be supported in this endeavor by alumni, parents, faculty, staff and trustees felt really amazing. As someone who helped raise money and get donations, I felt as though our efforts as business students were being recognized. As women in the field of business, we are already at a disadvantage. Experiences like this symposium really help to put us out there and better prepare us for our careers.

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