A Promise of Global Aptitude
International internships expanding, guaranteed to business students

by Amanda O'Rourke

Susquehanna University’s Sigmund Weis School of Business now guarantees an international internship for its students.

Business majors can apply to internship programs in London or Chester, England; Hamburg, Germany; Waikato, New Zealand; or Barcelona, Spain. Offerings will expand in Singapore by January 2020; Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia, by summer 2020; and Melbourne, Australia, and Sorrento, Italy, in 2020–21.

“Susquehanna’s commitment to helping its students achieve intercultural competence is a hallmark of our institution,” said University President Jonathan D. Green. “By guaranteeing more internship opportunities for our students when they are abroad, we are taking this promise one step further in a way that ties their global aptitude to the workplace.”

Susquehanna is one of only a handful of schools in the nation that requires a study-away experience for all students. Through the university’s nationally ranked Global Opportunities (GO) program, students study in a culture different from their own for at least two weeks or as long as a semester.

Susquehanna’s GO office coordinates international internships for students across the business school and in the School of Arts and Sciences.

“We know that intercultural competence in and of itself is a skill that many employers seek in their new hires and one that our Global Opportunities program instills through its unique curriculum,” said Scott Manning, dean of global programs at Susquehanna. “Further bolstering our business students with an international internship in their field of study will help them stand out even more as they are entering the workforce.”

The business school has long had students interning around the world. These new opportunities solidify the international exposure the school provides to students at a time when global experiences are increasingly important, said Matthew Rousu, dean of the business school.

“Students must understand other cultures, other environments and other economies,” Rousu said. “For business students, an international internship provides them with a tremendous experience and a major talking point when they're meeting with prospective employers, setting them up for professional success, whether they accept a job offer overseas or work for a U.S.-based company.”

The international internship program is in response to greater interest and rising participation from students, Rousu said. Nearly 40% of the business school’s Class of 2020 have already completed internships in foreign countries.

Students wishing to intern abroad must have completed all their first- and second-year business coursework as described in the course catalog by the time their internship is scheduled to begin. They must also have a minimum 2.3 cumulative grade point average and not be on disciplinary probation, nor have a record of a disciplinary infraction resulting in suspension. 

Almost all business students receive financial support to support their international internship experience. In 2018-19, every single business student who completed an international internship received financial aid, from covering the cost of their VISA (approximately $500) to full funding of their international experience.

The James '65 and Carole App Fund for Global Business Study, the Goldstein Fund for International Internships and the Eric N. Stein Fund for International Experience support international internships for Sigmund Weis School of Business students.

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