Dean's Message

It is an exciting time for the Sigmund Weis School of Business. The cover story is about our new guarantee to provide international internships. This is unique; to my knowledge, we are the only business school in the world to guarantee our students internships in foreign countries. Of this year’s senior class, 56 students — or 38% — will graduate having completed an internship in a foreign country. We expect that number will increase annually over the next few years. During this academic year, Sigmund Weis School of Business students have completed or are about to complete work experiences in Australia, England, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and other locations. New opportunities in Cyprus and Italy will be offered for students in 2020–21.

While amazing overseas opportunities abound, our students spend most of their college career on campus in Selinsgrove — and things here also are going well. Four new (and fantastic) faculty members joined us in the fall to teach marketing, data analytics and economics. Other school highlights include the following:

  • We are seeing increased demand for our two new majors: management and international business.

  • We are providing new classes to help prepare students for life after Susquehanna.

  • Our seniors are already accepting job offers and our juniors are accepting internships.

  • A group of alumni and friends created a scholarship fund for business students in memory of Andrew Jarzyk ’09.

The Sigmund Weis School of Business faculty is committed to improving the lives of students every day. Thankfully, we have a lot of support from alumni, parents and friends. If you are looking to help but are not sure how, there are several things you can do.

Financial donations help provide additional opportunities for our students. Further, some of our national ranking statistics are tied to how many alumni give, not the dollar amount. By making a gift of $10 or $20, you will help to improve Susquehanna’s national rankings — which is helpful for both current students and for alumni.

You also can help by providing jobs or internship opportunities for our students. Please contact me or our valuable partners in the university’s Career Development Center to start a conversation about how you or your company can expand options for tomorrow’s business leaders.

Another way to help is by sharing with others the great things happening in the Sigmund Weis School of Business. Share our news with family and friends, on your social media networks or with prospective students. While this might not seem important, it really is, as it helps strengthen our brand.

If someone asks what is special about Susquehanna or the Sigmund Weis School of Business, you can help improve the reputation of our school by confidently responding, “They guarantee international internships to their students — something that simply doesn’t happen elsewhere,” or “It is one of only 10 private, undergraduate- only business schools with the top accreditation (AACSB).”

Each year we have hundreds of alumni who give back in these and other ways, and that is part of why I love serving as dean. If you haven’t helped recently, I hope you’ll consider it.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Ventures and I look forward to seeing you back on campus soon!

Matthew C. Rousu 

Dean, Sigmund Weis School of Business 

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