Susquehanna’s Provost and Dean of Faculty Dave Ramsaran plans, implements and coordinates all academic programs. He fosters faculty development and scholarship while preserving the academic integrity of the university. He leads the university as a vibrant community of inquiry focused on the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.

Priorities of the provost include building upon academic innovation and deepening intellectual engagement, furthering global engagement, excelling at inclusive excellence and expanding diversity.

A member of the president’s Senior Leadership Team, the provost oversees:


Dave Ramsaran joined Susquehanna in 2000 as assistant professor of sociology and anthropology. He was named provost and dean of the faculty in 2019.


Learning Goals

The learning goals of Susquehanna University articulate a vision of our students as confident, liberally educated, and committed to multidisciplinary education as global citizens, working within and across their academic disciplines. They productively gather and apply all facets of their educational experience to personally and professionally frame their vocations, areas of study, and lives, demonstrating achievement, leadership, and service in the world.


SU students investigate the creative, natural, social, economic, and cultural forces that shape the world, and gain familiarity with:

the richness of human thought and expression across time and into the present;

the ongoing ways humans seek to explain the natural world; and

the breadth and depth of global human interactions, including belief systems, values, practices, and ways of organizing life.


SU students develop an integrated set of intellectual skills that empower them to:

think creatively and critically to analyze issues, consider solutions, and make effective decisions;

incorporate methods of analysis from a broad range of academic disciplines to understand and explore conflict, and solve problems;

engage effectively with others through gathering, evaluating, synthesizing, and articulating information to generate informed opinions and arguments through multiple avenues; and

work effectively within a team, function with professional and digital competency, and understand and navigate problems that often elicit complex and ambiguous responses.


SU students develop a mature, integrated sense of themselves through a holistic liberal arts experience, including:

appreciating the limits and contexts of their own experience, and the ability to value the experiences of others with diverse backgrounds;

critically examining their strengths and struggles, and realistically evaluating the potential positive or negative impact of inputs and activities; and

committing to ongoing development of one’s intellectual, physical, and spiritual life.


SU graduates develop and internalize their own integrated vision of the common good, and how to pursue it in the context of their lives, including:

pursuing sustainable relationships with their natural and social environments;

continued growth to discern and pursue improvement in themselves, their communities, and the world;

understanding and valuing both the universality and diversity of human experience; and

willingness to strive for responsible personal and interpersonal actions that serve the greater good.

Michael Ozlanski, chair and associate professor of accounting, leads a discussion on current busi...

Ozlanski Wins National Accounting Teaching Award

August 25, 2021

Michael Ozlanski ’05, chair and associate professor of accounting, was awarded the 2021 George Krull/Grant Thornton Teaching Innovation Award from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Pictured from left are Tammy Tobin, department chair and professor of biology; Rolfe Peterson, as...

Faculty Earn Awards for Teaching, Research, Advising

May 15, 2021

Susquehanna announced faculty awards for teaching, research and advising at its 163rd Commencement.

Imhoof Publishes Unique History Textbook

February 11, 2021

David Imhoof has published a different kind of history textbook, one that uses a funny and engaging style – and some salty language – to guide readers through the good, the bad and the indifferent of modern European history.

Scouts Illustration

Online Curriculum Teaches Brownies about State Civics

December 1, 2020

History Professor Karol Weaver, along with colleagues from the Pennsylvania Historical Association, created an online curriculum for Girls Scouts of Pennsylvania to teach them about civic involvement.

This photo by Persons will serve as the cover for the December issue of the journal Ethology, mak...

Research Finds Older Spiders Less Likely to Eat Their Young

October 28, 2020

Scientists have long observed that some animals eat their young, but research has struggled to explain exactly why. Now biology Professor Matthew Persons takes a step toward predicting such behavior — at least in the wolf spider.

Three Employees Honored with Appreciation Award

September 24, 2020

Three Susquehanna University staff members were recognized recently with the Signe S. Gates Appreciation Award — Marie Hassinger, director of project management in information technology; Laura Long, housekeeper; and Rocco Porcellio, assistant director of admission.

Susquehanna Rises in U.S. News Best Colleges Ranking for a Second Consecutive Year

September 16, 2020

Susquehanna University has risen for the second consecutive year in the U.S. News Best Colleges ranking released by U.S. News and World Report, climbing four places to No. 113 out of the 223 universities included on the National Liberal Arts Colleges list.

Nicholas Clark and Rolfe Peterson

Research Identifies Four Types of Nonvoters and How to Reach Them

September 9, 2020

As the 2020 presidential election draws closer, Nicholas Clark and Rolfe Peterson, both associate professors of political science at Susquehanna University, have published research identifying an elusive subset of “voter” – the nonvoter.

Swarna Basu, professor of chemistry

Faculty See Hybrid Teaching as Opportunity for Innovation

September 2, 2020

Over the summer, Susquehanna University’s Center for Teaching and Learning prepared faculty to teach for a semester unlike any that had come before it.

Security Upgrades on Campus

Security Upgrades First Among CenSUs Work

September 1, 2020

Work of Susquehanna University’s CenSUs: Everyone Counts task force advanced this summer with notable security upgrades to campus.

Jennifer Carter, assistant professor of physics

Grant Awarded to SU Physics Professor

July 29, 2020

Susquehanna University’s Jennifer Carter, assistant professor of physics, has been awarded a $21,699 grant from the American Association of University Women.

Rolfe Peterson, assistant professor of political science

Toxic Mask-ulinity? Research Ties Masculinity to Mask Resistance

July 16, 2020

New research from Susquehanna University’s Rolfe Peterson, assistant professor of political science, explores attitudes toward mask-wearing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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