Susquehanna’s Provost and Dean of Faculty Dave Ramsaran plans, implements and coordinates all academic programs. He fosters faculty development and scholarship while preserving the academic integrity of the university. He leads the university as a vibrant community of inquiry focused on the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.

Priorities of the provost include building upon academic innovation and deepening intellectual engagement, furthering global engagement, excelling at inclusive excellence and expanding diversity.

A member of the president’s Senior Leadership Team, the provost oversees:

This is a photo of Dave Ramsaran speaking at the 2021 mid year celebration.

Meet the Provost

Dave Ramsaran joined Susquehanna in 2000 as assistant professor of sociology and anthropology. He was named provost and dean of the faculty in 2019.


Learning Goals

The learning goals of Susquehanna University articulate a vision of our students as confident, liberally educated, and committed to multidisciplinary education as global citizens, working within and across their academic disciplines. They productively gather and apply all facets of their educational experience to personally and professionally frame their vocations, areas of study, and lives, demonstrating achievement, leadership, and service in the world.


SU students investigate the creative, natural, social, economic, and cultural forces that shape the world, and gain familiarity with:

the richness of human thought and expression across time and into the present;

the ongoing ways humans seek to explain the natural world; and

the breadth and depth of global human interactions, including belief systems, values, practices, and ways of organizing life.


SU students develop an integrated set of intellectual skills that empower them to:

think creatively and critically to analyze issues, consider solutions, and make effective decisions;

incorporate methods of analysis from a broad range of academic disciplines to understand and explore conflict, and solve problems;

engage effectively with others through gathering, evaluating, synthesizing, and articulating information to generate informed opinions and arguments through multiple avenues; and

work effectively within a team, function with professional and digital competency, and understand and navigate problems that often elicit complex and ambiguous responses.


SU students develop a mature, integrated sense of themselves through a holistic liberal arts experience, including:

appreciating the limits and contexts of their own experience, and the ability to value the experiences of others with diverse backgrounds;

critically examining their strengths and struggles, and realistically evaluating the potential positive or negative impact of inputs and activities; and

committing to ongoing development of one’s intellectual, physical, and spiritual life.


SU graduates develop and internalize their own integrated vision of the common good, and how to pursue it in the context of their lives, including:

pursuing sustainable relationships with their natural and social environments;

continued growth to discern and pursue improvement in themselves, their communities, and the world;

understanding and valuing both the universality and diversity of human experience; and

willingness to strive for responsible personal and interpersonal actions that serve the greater good.

Pictured are the headshots of Jim Briggs, Peggy Peeler and Lauren Smith.

Faculty win awards for scholarship, teaching, advising

May 18, 2024

Susquehanna University announced faculty awards for research, teaching and advising at its 166th commencement. Awards were given to James Briggs, professor of psychology; Peggy Peeler, professor of biology; and Lauren Smith, lecturer in management and marketing.

Exploring MLK’s true beliefs on nonviolence

April 30, 2024

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is widely recognized as a prominent advocate for nonviolence. In a recent piece published in Dialog, A Journal of Theology, Jeffrey K. Mann posits that King’s view of nonviolence was not as absolute as we might think.

Geneive Henry, Charles B. Degenstein professor of chemistry at Susquehanna University

Geneive Henry honored as 2024 CUR Fellow

April 24, 2024

Geneive Henry, Charles B. Degenstein professor of chemistry at Susquehanna University, is the first to be appointed a CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research) Fellow under the newly branded CUR Fellows Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Leadership. The award annually recognizes a CUR member who is a leader and role model within the undergraduate research community.

James Henderson, assistant professor of art & design, Susquehanna University

Art & design professor awarded fellowship to enhance teaching methods

April 18, 2024

James Henderson was recently awarded a competitive fellowship with the Nielsen Center for the Liberal Arts geared toward developing pedagogical innovation and helping faculty who are early in their career build their professional network.

Turn your eyes to the sky

March 25, 2024

Astronomers and spectators alike are preparing their telescopes and protective eyewear to view the upcoming total solar eclipse set to unfold on April 8. Jennifer Carter, assistant professor of physics, has all the celestial details.

Pictured are, back row clockwise from left, Katie Gruver '26, Luz Peguero '26, Mirta Suquet, assistant professor of Spanish studies; Maso...

Spanish students build language bridge translating Norwegian fairytale

March 14, 2024

Spanish students translated for Scholastic the children’s story Three Billy Goats Gruff, a 19th century tale of three goats that must outsmart a villainous troll to cross a bridge to fresh feeding grounds.

Andrea Lopez, associate professor of political science

Lopez named Wilson Center public policy fellow

March 12, 2024

Andrea Lopez, associate professor of political science at Susquehanna University, has been named a public policy fellow by the Wilson Center, one of the world’s top think tanks dedicated to nonpartisan counsel and insights on global affairs to policymakers.

A headshot of Jennifer Carter with calendar numbers behind her and the number 29 circled

Leap day: A Q&A with Jennifer Carter, Assistant Professor of Physics

February 28, 2024

2024 is a leap year and more specifically, Feb. 29 is leap day, the day on which our planet’s yearly journey around the sun seemingly expands from 365 to 366 days. But what is leap year and how long has it existed? Why is it in February? Jennifer Carter, assistant professor of physics, is here to answer all your questions about the intercalary holiday.

Nick Clark speaks behind a podium with a projection screen to his left.

Clark named to position with College Board’s Advanced Placement program

February 19, 2024

The College Board has appointed Susquehanna’s Nick Clark, department head and professor of political science, to serve as the Advanced Placement lead college faculty consultant, known as the chief reader, for its AP course Comparative Government and Politics.

Year in Review: Our favorite things from 2023

December 7, 2023

A historic, record-breaking capital campaign, compelling faculty-student research, a world-renowned musician and much more — it’s been another memory-making year at Susquehanna University. Here are some of our favorite stories from 2023.

Matthew Neill Null, assistant professor of creative writing at Susquehanna University

Professor wins prestigious Pushcart Prize

November 14, 2023

Matthew Neill Null, assistant professor of creative writing at Susquehanna University, was awarded the prestigious Pushcart Prize for his short story, The Dropper.

Collection of four headshots

Faculty musicians to debut compositions at international showcase

November 9, 2023

Gail Levinsky, professor of music at Susquehanna University, and her trio have been invited to perform at the prestigious World Saxophone Congress in Spain where they will premiere original music by university composers.

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