Susquehanna’s Provost and Dean of Faculty Dave Ramsaran plans, implements and coordinates all academic programs. He fosters faculty development and scholarship while preserving the academic integrity of the university. He leads the university as a vibrant community of inquiry focused on the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.

Priorities of the provost include building upon academic innovation and deepening intellectual engagement, furthering global engagement, excelling at inclusive excellence and expanding diversity.

A member of the president’s Senior Leadership Team, the provost oversees:

This is a photo of Dave Ramsaran speaking at the 2021 mid year celebration.

Meet the Provost

Dave Ramsaran joined Susquehanna in 2000 as assistant professor of sociology and anthropology. He was named provost and dean of the faculty in 2019.


Learning Goals

The learning goals of Susquehanna University articulate a vision of our students as confident, liberally educated, and committed to multidisciplinary education as global citizens, working within and across their academic disciplines. They productively gather and apply all facets of their educational experience to personally and professionally frame their vocations, areas of study, and lives, demonstrating achievement, leadership, and service in the world.


SU students investigate the creative, natural, social, economic, and cultural forces that shape the world, and gain familiarity with:

the richness of human thought and expression across time and into the present;

the ongoing ways humans seek to explain the natural world; and

the breadth and depth of global human interactions, including belief systems, values, practices, and ways of organizing life.


SU students develop an integrated set of intellectual skills that empower them to:

think creatively and critically to analyze issues, consider solutions, and make effective decisions;

incorporate methods of analysis from a broad range of academic disciplines to understand and explore conflict, and solve problems;

engage effectively with others through gathering, evaluating, synthesizing, and articulating information to generate informed opinions and arguments through multiple avenues; and

work effectively within a team, function with professional and digital competency, and understand and navigate problems that often elicit complex and ambiguous responses.


SU students develop a mature, integrated sense of themselves through a holistic liberal arts experience, including:

appreciating the limits and contexts of their own experience, and the ability to value the experiences of others with diverse backgrounds;

critically examining their strengths and struggles, and realistically evaluating the potential positive or negative impact of inputs and activities; and

committing to ongoing development of one’s intellectual, physical, and spiritual life.


SU graduates develop and internalize their own integrated vision of the common good, and how to pursue it in the context of their lives, including:

pursuing sustainable relationships with their natural and social environments;

continued growth to discern and pursue improvement in themselves, their communities, and the world;

understanding and valuing both the universality and diversity of human experience; and

willingness to strive for responsible personal and interpersonal actions that serve the greater good.

From left are Drew Hubbell, associate professor of English; Hualu Zheng, assistant professor of marketing and management; and Bo Liu, ass...

Faculty Win Awards for Scholarship, Teaching, Advising

May 20, 2023

Susquehanna University announced awards faculty awards for research, teaching and advising at the university’s 165th commencement. Awards were given to Drew Hubbell, associate professor of English; Hualu Zheng, assistant professor of marketing and management; and Bo Liu, assistant professor of accounting.

Climbing Temperatures Adversely Impact Brook Trout

April 11, 2023

Recent research from Susquehanna University’s Freshwater Research Institute finds that water temperatures affect certain behaviors in a cold-water predator, especially when in the presence of one that prefers warmer waters.

University Choir a Semi-finalist for American Prize

April 6, 2023

Susquehanna’s University Choir has been named a semi-finalist for the American Prize in choral performance, the only semi-finalist in the college/university divisions from Pennsylvania.

Violin Professor Premieres Piece in Washington

March 27, 2023

Jennifer Sacher Wiley’s composition, Hanukkah Medley, premiere in Tacoma, Washington, by the Northwest Sinfonietta.

Research Launches Into Deep Space

March 15, 2023

Jennifer Carter’s latest research describes a new method of estimating the thermal emissions of exoplanets, or planets outside the solar system.

Blough-Weis Library Creates Spaces for Neurodiverse Students

March 9, 2023

Susquehanna’s Blough-Weis Library created three “Chill Out” study rooms meant to suit the needs of neurodiverse students. Each room contains bean bag chairs, wobble stools, noise machines, weighted blankets, dimmable lamps and fidget toys.

Professor Honored for Award-Winning Urinetown Set

March 3, 2023

Caleb Stroman, assistant professor of theatre, won a Peggy Ezekiel Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technical Design and Production for his set design of Urinetown, presented by Susquehanna University’s Department of Theatre during the 2021–22 season.

Professor Tracks History Through Earth’s ‘Rock Record’

February 22, 2023

Jennifer Elick was always interested in nature, but as a student didn’t know how to explore that interest as a field of study. The one-time freelance photojournalist entered college as a journalism major and soon discovered that geology combined all of her interests. 

Professor Sees Self in First-Generation Students

February 8, 2023

Jan Reichard-Brown had no idea how male-dominated the STEM field was until went to college in the 1970s. Today, she uses her position to “empower my students to reach for their dreams and then provide them the support they need to make that happen.”

Salt: Good for Roads, Bad for Ecosystems?

February 7, 2023

Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation applies millions of gallons of salt-based brine and many tons of rock salt to the state’s roadways. But what effect do these road treatments have on the state’s waterways? Matt Wilson, director of Susquehanna’s Freshwater Research Institute, said the impact is dramatic and concerning.

Geneive Henry

Chemist Mentors Students in Research, Ethics

January 26, 2023

Geneive Henry grew up in Jamaica, where she attended an all-female high school taught mainly by women. Today, Henry strives to mentor her students in the same ways she was supported as a young researcher.

Ahmed Lachhab, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences

A New Way to Restore Ancient Roman Mosaics

January 23, 2023

Ahmed Lachhab, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences, uses his tools as a geophysicist to assist archaeologists in Morocco with preserving ancient Roman mosaics at Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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