Self-Study Timeline

Summer 2021: Steering Committee and Chair Identified

  • Consider human, institutional, and fiscal resources required
  • Identify steering committee chair
  • Along with the accreditation liaison officer, begin meeting with the University president about institutional priorities by considering the strategic plan and progress

Fall 2021: Attend Self Study Institute

  • Oct. 5 – Nov. 16: Attend Self-Study Institute
  • November: Identify members of the steering committee – include faculty across schools and staff
  • December: Develop self-study budget, self-study communication plan, and site-visit budget
  • December – January: Conference with MSCHE vice president liaison, Idna Corbett, to refine institutional priorities

Spring 2022: Begin Self-Study

  • February – March: Draft and submit self-study design for MSCHE approval
  • March: Assemble self-study working groups
  • March – April: Meetings and campus visits with MSCHE staff
  • April 8: Working groups lines of inquiry deadline
  • April – May: Revisions and acceptance of self-study design
  • May 4: Campus virtual visit by MSCHE vice president liaison, Dr. Idna Corbett and Dr. Anne Wahl

Summer 2022: Continue Self-Study

  • May – July: Working groups gather and analyze data and submit progress reports to steering Committee
  • July – August: Chair revises and plans university-wide communication
  • July 15: Working groups detailed chapter outline deadline
  • Aug. 8:  Working groups chapter outline approval

Fall 2022: Continue Self-Study and Collect Evidence

  • August – November: Continue writing self-study and collecting evidence
  • Sept. 5: Working groups first draft report deadline
  • October – November: Chose self-study evaluation team chair and site-visit dates
  • Nov. 21: Working groups second draft report deadline
  • November: Send accepted self-study design to self-study evaluation chair
  • Dec. 31: Working groups complete evidence submission

Spring 2023: Complete Self-Study

  • January – February: Working groups complete self-study draft
  • March: Self-study draft reviewed by team chair and revised. Final report draft. Self-study draft sent to evaluation team Chair (two weeks before visit).
  • April 10: Site visit team chair’s preliminary visit
  • May: Self-study finalized based on evaluation team chair feedback and shared with campus community

Fall 2023: Plan and Conduct MSCHE Site Visit

  • August: Final self-study report, verification of compliance, and evidence inventory uploaded to MSCHE portal (six weeks before visit)
  • October 1–4: Self-study evaluation team visit (aka site visit)
  • November – December: Team report and institutional response

Spring 2024: Commission Determines Action