Last Updated Aug. 11, 2021

SU 2.0 focuses on the student experience through collaborations and renewal aspects of the Strategic Plan and integrates with overlapping goals of inclusive excellence. This update provides an overview of early recommendations and introduces revised organizational charts for the Division of Student Life and the Division of Inclusive Excellence.


Strategic Plan

Development began fall 2018 > Launched fall 2019 > To report conclusions through 2026


Development began summer 2020 > Launched fall 2020 > Transitioning to next steps through IDEA Council summer 2021

SU 2.0

Development began summer 2020 > Launching summer 2021 > Initial improvements fall 2021



Susquehanna University tasked Kennedy & Co. to assist in preparing a series of steps for SU 2.0 — from fact gathering and current state analysis to future state planning and recommendations.

  • Administrative Steering Committee
  • Administrative Leadership Team
  • Staff Council
  • Faculty Open Forums
  • Academic Steering Committee
  • Academic Department Heads
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Student Groups

Based on conversations with the above groups, along with quantitative results from three student surveys conducted each year from 2018-2020, Kennedy & Co. made several recommendations.

Central to the success of SU 2.0 initiatives will be the making of data-driven decisions. By continuing to collect and evaluate data across all parts of the university, SU will see what’s working and where there are continued opportunities for improvement.


The Work

Students reported strong satisfaction with instructional effectiveness; student-faculty interactions; access to academic resources; access to food; and financial aid. Students described opportunities to improve counseling services and diversity, equity, and inclusion, housing, safety and security.

SU 2.0 is primarily focused on six key student-centric areas of the university’s ecosystem: student experience, student health and wellness, academics, diversity, public safety and facilities.

Several 2.0 initiatives taking place in other divisions and units across campus, such as Advancement, Enrollment, Human Resources, Information Technology, the Blough-Weis Library, and Marketing and Communications will be reported separately.

SU 2.0 Updates

The early recommendations for the revised student experience, student health and wellness, academics, diversity, equity and inclusion, campus safety and facilities are presented on this Updates page.