Policy Statement

All organization formals taking place on or off campus with or without alcohol present are to be registered with the Office of Leadership and Engagement using the Presence Event Registration Form three weeks prior to the formal taking place. Organization members must use third party transportation to and from off campus venues if alcohol is being served. In addition to following the “Social Event Policy” as outlined in the student handbook under policies for students and student organizations, organizations must submit copies of any contracts, prior to signing them for review by the Office of Leadership & Engagement, pertaining to vendor, venue, and transportation. Completed contracts are to be uploaded and submitted with the Presence Event Registration Form.

Who is Governed by This Policy?

This policy applies to all university student organizations recognized by the Student Government Association, Greek letter organizations, and varsity athletic teams.


The purpose of this policy is to state Susquehanna University’s expectations in creating a safe and healthy environment at on and off campus events hosted by organizations affiliated with Susquehanna University.

Additional Definitions Applicable to this Policy

  • “Organization” is defined as a fraternity, sorority, athletic team, association, corporation, order, society, corps, club or service, social or similar group, who members are primarily students or alumni of an organization or institution.
  • “Formal” or “Semi-Formal” is defined as an organized social event taking place on or off campus where alcohol may or may not be served.

Enforcement of this Policy

Any violation of this policy shall be deemed a violation of Susquehanna University’s Student Code of Conduct. All organizations may be held accountable as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct should they be found in violation of this policy.