The purpose of this policy is to allow student to hold small gatherings outside their living units with alcohol.


This policy permits small gatherings of students on campus in a social setting outside of their living units with alcohol. Similar to the current Social Event Policy that allows student organizations to hold events with alcohol on campus, this policy requires individual students to register their events using the “Registration for Hosted Events” form (https://susqu.presence.io/form/registration-for-hosted-events). The policy limits the number of individuals to prevent large and uncontrollable gatherings. This policy limits the length and number of events being held at any one time in specific geographic areas on campus. Non-compliance will result in the gathering being dispersed and loss of privileges to hold future hosted events in that living unit. Violations will be handled through the student conduct process for adjudication. To delineate these events, we will refer to private events as “hosted events” while organizational events will be referred to as “social events,” see Social Event Policy. The Hosted Event Policy does not preclude small gatherings within residential space assuming all residential rules and regulations are being followed.



  • Hosted events will be limited to those areas of campus that are predominately occupied by upper class students including: 18 th Street, West Village, Liberty Alley, and Sassafras housing. University Ave. and all Greek houses are specifically excluded from this policy: all events held in those areas must follow the Social Event Policy.
  • The number of hosted events will be limited to no more than: three (3) in 18 th Street, two (2) in Sassafras, two (2) in Liberty Alley, and two (2) in West Village at the same time.
  • Units may not have a gathering inside while they are hosting an event outside.
  • Any music must be kept at a reasonable level. Any noise or other complaints will result in a Campus Safety investigation and report.
  • Indoor furniture cannot be moved outside. The only exception to this would be plastic chairs that must be returned to the unit after the event is over.
  • Hosts are responsible for restoring the unit, including the outside of the unit, to its original state as determined by the Office of Residence Life and the Office of Facilities Management and assume all costs for damage and cleaning.
  • Residence Life and/or Campus Safety will periodically check in on hosted events to confirm compliance. Cooperation from the hosts and guests with these checks is required.



  • Events must be registered at least eight (8) hours prior to the desired start time using the “Registration for Hosted Events” form (https://susqu.presence.io/form/registration-for-hosted-events).
  • At least two occupants of the unit must be listed as the hosts and remain present throughout the event.
  • Outdoor hosted events can have no more than: Triple the number of occupants (e.g., two guests per occupant) OR 12 people total, whichever is less. Each guest must be sponsored by an occupant. All guests must be SU students and have their SU IDs with them.
  • Hosts of the event are responsible for the oversight of guests’ actions (e.g., excessively loud noise, conduct unbecoming, underage individuals consuming alcohol).



  • Hosted events are limited to Friday nights from 6 p.m. through 2 a.m., Saturdays from 2 p.m. through 2 a.m. and Sundays from 1 p.m. through 8 p.m. Hosted events cannot be combined.
  • The length of hosted events is to not exceed four (4) hours.
  • A living unit can host one event per weekend.
  • Hosted events must end promptly and cannot move inside to continue: all guests are expected to leave the area.


Alcohol Control:

  • All hosted events must follow all current alcohol policies found in the Student Handbook.
  • An event where alcohol is present may not be advertised; must be by invitations only. Attendance should be reflected on the guest list required during registration.
  • The only acceptable means of distributing alcohol is BYOB. Alcohol may be brought to a hosted event (BYOB) by individuals who are both: 21 years old or older and, appear on the hosted event guest list as it is submitted at registration.
  • Distributing alcohol through a common source, including bulk quantities (e.g., kegs, jungle juice, coolers), which are not being served by a licensed and insured third party vendor, are prohibited. The only acceptable means of distributing alcohol is described below.
  • Alcohol being consumed at the Hosted Event must only be consumed by the 21+ year old who brought it to the event and may be in possession of one beverage at a time; may only consume one beverage per hour. No person under the legal drinking age may possess, consume, provide or be provided alcoholic beverages.
  • The total amount of alcohol at the event may not exceed four portions per 21+ year old who appears on the guest list. Alcoholic portions are defined as 12-ounce beers or spiked seltzer, 187-mL wine, or 8-ounce malt liquor per 21+ year old who is present. Guidelines for beverages are as follows: must be in cans, paper, or plastic containers; no glass; must be a single serving container; may not exceed 6% alcohol content; all containers must be sealed upon arrival.
  • Hosts or guests must not permit, encourage, coerce, glorify or participate in any activities involving the rapid consumption of alcohol, such as drinking games.