In order to become a recognized organization eligible to receive funds from the Student Government Association and to reserve campus facilities for meetings or events, new groups must:

  • Conduct an open all-campus meeting inviting participation,
  • Hold at least one organizational meeting,
  • Draft and approve a constitution,
    • Constitutions from clubs must:
      • state the purpose for the organization,
      • The reasons such a group would be beneficial to the campus community and how the group will contribute to the educational mission of Susquehanna.
      • “No group may discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity, and a non-discrimination clause must appear in the Constitution.”
    • Obtain the signatures of at least five full-time students interested in joining the club,
    • Elect a president and treasurer and obtain a faculty or staff advisor.
    • Submit the above information to the Student Government Association Parliamentarian and Program Coordinator for Leadership & Engagement for approval by the Senate.
    • After receiving approval, the organization must complete the Organization Recognition form found on Presence to register with the Office of Leadership and Engagement.
    • Members of clubs such as the Geo Club, Rugby Club, etc. may be asked to sign a waiver of liability form before participating in club activities.

NOTE: The expansion and recognition process for Greek social organizations can be obtained from the Office of Leadership & Engagement.

For further specific information regarding the formation and recognition of student organizations, check SGA guidelines or see the Office of Leadership and Engagement.

Organizational Shared Responsibility

All organizations, clubs, teams or groups of students who are perceived as functioning as an organized entity, will be held responsible for the behavior of their affiliates (including current students, alumni or guests), particularly when their actions evolve from or are in any way related to their association with or activities of that group. Affiliates of a group or perceived group who act in concert to violate university or state regulations may be given joint responsibility for such violations. Affiliates of a group or perceived group that condone or encourage behavior that violates university or state regulations may be given joint responsibility for such violations.


Organizational Governance and Membership

Students are expected to know and abide by the regulations governing student organizations/groups including, but not limited to, groups recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA), Greek Letter Organizations, athletic teams/clubs and national honor societies/clubs. Failure to abide by these regulations may result in action through the Student Conduct System. Accepting membership into an organization that is currently not eligible to recruit new members, due to the group’s suspension or withdrawal of recognition, is a violation, and any individual found responsible for such affiliation will be held accountable.