Defined as

  • Any action without authorization from the university which allows an individual to access, use, modify, destroy, disclose or take data, programs or supporting documentation residing in or relating to a university computer, computer system or computer network.
  • Any action that causes the denial of computer system services to an authorized user of such system.
  • Any violation of the Information Technology Policy and the Information Technology Conditions of Use statement.


Examples of violations include

  • Use of university technology to harass or harm any person
  • Unauthorized access to or unauthorized use of Information Technology equipment and resources
  • Use of resources in violation of any applicable law or regulation
  • Creation and/or use of false user accounts
  • Unauthorized use of another user’s account
  • Use of network packet sniffing software outside the classroom
  • Placing rogue hardware on the LAN for the purpose of exploiting network security and policies
  • Any activity that attempts to circumvent the LAN security
  • The posting on university-owned computers of material that may or will be perceived to be offensive to others
  • Use of university technology to violate copyright laws
  • Use of phone or computer technology to perpetrate false charges
  • Activities that constitute theft of service (e.g., unauthorized printing)
  • Sending an email using another person’s account without written permission
  • Impersonating another person in any electronic communications without written permission