The university will not be closed except in extraordinarily dangerous weather or other circumstances. When the university is open, all administrative offices will be open and all classes will meet unless the instructor is unable to get to class. In the case of all classes not being held on campus, the president or their designee will communicate via the following:

  • An email or text to the campus community
  • An announcement in mySU
  • The home page of the SU website

When the university is closed, all classes and public events will be canceled and the only offices that will remain open will be food service, campus safety, the switchboard and facilities management, which must remain open with at least minimal services throughout any weather emergency.

The individuals in charge of specific public events will make cancellation decisions, post them on mySU and notify University Marketing and Communications, which will note cancellations on the home page of the SU website. Other cancellations, closings or additional weather-related notices to the campus community should also be posted by individual departments and offices on mySU.