Derek Martin

Department: Provost

Assistant Director of Sustainability

Adjunct Faculty Personal Development

  • Education
  • MS, University of Michigan
  • BBA, Eastern Michigan University
  • MS, Eastern Michigan University

Courses taught:

  • ENST-110 Sustainability and Society
  • MGMT-373 Managing for Sustainability
  • OFFP-GOLONG Preparation for GO Long
  • OFFP-GOYRWAY Go Your Way Preparation
  • OFFP-GYOW Prep for Go Your Way
  • OFFP-SNGPORE Sustainability/Climate Justice
  • OFFR-310 Global Citizenship
  • OFFS-SNGPORE Sustainability/Climate Justice
  • OFVR-VIRTUAL Go Your Way Reflection
  • OFVS-VIRTUAL GO Your Way Experience
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives