Matt Wilson

Department: School of Arts and Sciences

Freshwater Research Initiative Research Scientist

Adjunct Faculty in Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Education
  • MS, Bucknell University
  • BA, Hiram College

I am a stream and restoration ecologist focused on understanding the processes that drive patterns we see in nature, and how to mimic those processes in restoration. My graduate work focused on benthic (bottom) insect communities in the Susquehanna River and how they interact with each other through dispersal and habitat filters across spatial scales. Since then I have worked on food web dynamics of small streams, quantifying river restoration outcomes, and using social media and surveys to identify successful approaches to science communication with different audiences. I use a combination of field studies and both field and lab experiments in my research.

I also love teaching and working with students to ask questions on these topics together. After attending liberal arts schools for both my bachelor's and master's degrees, I am thrilled to be back at a small school and appreciate the value and importance of an interdisciplinary undergraduate experience. I teach Restoration Ecology and Aquatic Entomology.

Courses taught:

  • BIOL-560 Aquatic Entomology
  • BIOL-560 Restoration Ecology
  • ECOL-560 Aquatic Entomology
  • ECOL-560 Ecological Data Analysis
  • ECOL-560 Frontiers in Ecology
  • ECOL-560 Restoration Ecology
  • EENV-560 Independent Study