Scott M. Kershner

Department: Chaplain


  • Education
  • STM, Yale Divinity School

As chaplain to the university, I attend to the many and diverse ways Susquehanna students express and nurture their religious and spiritual identities, cultivate community where those identities can flourish, and ask big questions of meaning and value that form the foundation of an ethical and moral life.

My work seeks to honor and support religious and non-religious communities on our campus while finding ways of building bridges of understanding and cooperation across lines of difference. This is what has come to be known of as interfaith work, and I believe the world has never needed it more. 

I am a native of the upper Midwest but have had a wide and varied ministry as an ordained Lutheran pastor (ELCA)—from congregational ministry in Brooklyn, N.Y., to Holden Village in the remote Cascade Mountains of Washington state to university chaplaincy at SU. I love the sparks that fly when the life of the mind and the life of spirit come together. I am a runner, fly fisher, mediocre gardener, enthusiastic cook, reader, preacher, lover of music of all kinds and an (aspiring) acoustic blues guitar player.

Together, my spouse and I try to keep up with our young, exuberant son.

Courses taught:

  • OFFP-GOLONG Preparation for GO Long
  • OFFP-GYOW Prep for Go Your Way
  • OFFP-ISRAEL GO Jerusalem: Interfaith Encounters
  • OFFR-ISRAEL GO Jerusalem: Interfaith Encounters
  • OFFS-ISRAEL GO Jerusalem: Interfaith Encounters
  • RELI-305 Interfaith Leadership