• Business Model – a business model is the conceptual structure supporting the viability of an organization, including its purpose, its goals and its ongoing plans for achieving. At its simplest, a business model is a framework describing how an organization fulfills its purpose. All business processes and policies are part of that model.

  • Persistence – a student’s ability to continue on to the next academic term.

  • CenSUs – the Everyone Counts Taskforce, which was the group charged with this initiative  to develop Susquehanna into an anti-racist community.

  • Journey Mapping - a creative process that allows one to understand – and then redesign – the customer/user experience.

  • Process Mapping - a management tool used to visually depict the flow of work and the steps and people involved in a business process.

  • Design Thinking - an iterative approach to problem-solving that brings various groups of people together to create a practical solution for a real-world problem.

  • Iterative - utilizing the repetition of a sequence of operations.

  • Universal Design - an outcome of a design process, indicating that something is as functional as possible for as many people as possible. (Think how curb-cuts were designed for wheelchairs, but made walking a baby in a stroller much more enjoyable!)

  • Focus Groups - a method that is intended to collect data, through interactive and directed discussions by a facilitator.

  • Prototyping - a group of techniques used to quickly produce a process, knowing that it is better and quicker in the long run to launch a process and then to improve the process incrementally than to get the process perfect on the first try.

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