Spring 2019

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The Best Classroom in the World is the World

PataGOnia exposes students to Argentinian culture, biodiversity and natural beauty across more than 3,000 miles from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, commonly regarded as the southernmost city in the world.

Pushing Policy Change Downstream

“Fishing has always just been a way to relax while also striving for something,” Miller says. “And even in my own lifetime I’ve seen a decline in fish populations in certain bodies of water. It’s inspired me to make an impact.”

Also in this issue

Linda McMillin will transition from her role as provost to return to the faculty at the end of this academic year, after serving Susquehanna for more than 29 years. She earned a Ph.D. in medieval history from the University of California and taught history at Susquehanna. As provost, she led the faculty’s development of SU’s learning goals and innovative Central Curriculum. She helped to hire more than two-thirds of the current faculty, a legacy that will strengthen the university well into the future. Following a fall sabbatical, she will become a Degenstein chair, teach in the leadership minor and continue assisting with professional development.

What do beer, bread and cheese have in common? Yes, a delicious culinary combination.

When semesters of social sciences and critical thinking started cropping up as required sections of the mandatory Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), Susquehanna’s biology faculty were quick to respond.

Susquehanna University joined more than 100 colleges and universities in an alliance to substantially expand the number of talented, low- and moderate-income students at America’s undergraduate institutions with the highest graduation rates.

Susquehanna University today announced a $10 million gift commitment from Lucille Arthur, widow of Douglas Arthur, Class of 1949 and World War II veteran. In recognition of the gift, the university named its athletic stadium the Doug Arthur Stadium.
As one of the eight founding members of the Landmark Conference, the River Hawks have grabbed 30 titles during the 11-year existence of the league, including nine championships in women’s swimming & diving and five in men’s cross country. And now three more started off the 2018–19 athletic calendar.
As the winter sports season revved up, the Susquehanna athletic department saw three changes in its full-time staff.
The true essence of college athletics and coaching is sometimes lost in the numbers, with wins and losses overshadowing what coaches really do for student-athletes.
The new Amy E. Winans Center for Wellness, which opened in the fall, is attracting students who want to learn about stress management techniques and personal growth initiatives.
The campus community continues to support many new sustainability initiatives. Plastic straws were removed from Evert Dining Room in spring 2018, and the university will transition to biodegradable straws in 2020, yet another step to reduce the waste created by single-use plastic straws.

From Our Own

First Word

Radical innovation literally means making something new from its roots. This issue will focus on the spirit of radical innovation that defines Susquehanna. We are industrious and hardworking, but most important, we have always been innovative.

End Notes

One of the exciting innovations in my pedagogy is teaching students to talk with each other when they disagree or even feel offended by someone’s beliefs. Students, faculty and staff hunger for a way to work through the divided times in which we live.