Spring Summer 2022

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Risks & Rewards

Unlocking the Mystery of Cryptocurrency and Finding Its Place in Business Education

When rap artist Meek Mill announced he was going to release his next mixtape as a non-fungible token, Craig Lyttleton ’24 decided he was definitely going to buy it. He read up on NFTs — one-of-a-kind digital assets that can be bought and sold. While they are similar to collectibles, they have no tangible form. 

Students, ‘We Got You’

Susquehanna Responds To Restore Mental Health

Across the United States, more students are manifesting signs of emotional and psychological distress, commonly caused by the Covid pandemic. At Susquehanna, the confluence of external and internal stressors on students has been met with a countersurge of equal force: enhanced services and increased restorative support.

Lessons & Connections

10 Years of Break Through

If repeatedly shattering attendance and participation records is an indication of a program’s success, the annual student-alumni conference is one of Susquehanna’s best.

Also in this issue

A Spot To Do Our Part
Radio Station Studio Named in Honor of 50-Year Founding GM

Alumni spanning nearly 50 years and 2,000 miles returned to Susquehanna’s campus to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Cyril “Cy” Stretansky, professor emeritus of music/director of choral activities, with a performance of Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem in Weber Chapel Auditorium.

“The student-athletes here on campus are really unique. They are so coachable and smart, and that’s a testament to the academic standards here.” — David Kitchen ’14

1 Day, 3 Titles: A Saturday To Remember
Susquehanna Awarded the Landmark Conference Presidents’  Trophy
3 Coaches Earn Special Milestones

“My vision for the Schools of the Arts and Humanities is that we will be seen as trendsetters, leaders, academicians who have studied ourselves and learned that the arts and humanities are necessary for a life well lived.”

“I truly enjoy new challenges and am always looking ahead with excitement to the next project, the next grant, the next new program. I hope my innovative spirit inspires others to think creatively and boldly about Susquehanna’s future.”

For nearly 30 years, The Story of Ruby Bridges has been a children’s literature staple — but one for English readers only.
As a teenager, David T. Little ’01 knew that he wanted to be a composer but wasn’t sure how that desire would transition into a career.
While a strong science foundation at Susquehanna helped Daisy Conduah ’06 become a medical doctor, it was her participation in Susquehanna’s extracurricular activities — including serving as undergraduate representative on the Board of Trustees — that helped her become a well-rounded leader.
Within two years of graduating from Susquehanna, Kirsten Hatton ’19 landed a job at ESPN, was promoted to associate producer and won a Sports Emmy — all during a global pandemic.
Stephanie Painter ’16 and her sister, Haley, recently launched a unique yogurt business: Painterland Sisters Organic Skyr Yogurt.

From Our Own

First Word

A Message from the President
Lately, it seems that everywhere I go, conversations move to the topic of turning a corner. We are ready to put the past two and a half years behind us, but even while
 what comes next provokes excitement, it is also filled with uncertainty and challenge. This issue of Currents lifts up the cutting edge, the compassion, the tragedy, and the promise of what is already coming around the corner.

End Notes

What’s in a Name?
Alumna Recalls Inspiration for Break Through

It started with an idea and a committee entrusted with a pivotal task. Now a decade later, Break Through continues to provide Susquehanna students and alumni with an annual conference to explore, connect and grow.