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Photo of Angela Jean Burrows Angela Jean Burrows
Chief Communications Officer
Phone: 570-372-4120
Email: burrowsa@susqu.edu
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Photo of Victoria M. Kidd Victoria M. Kidd
Associate Director of Advancement Communications
Phone: 570-372-4311
Email: kidd@susqu.edu
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Photo of Amanda Lenig Amanda Lenig
Creative Services Manager
Adjunct Faculty Art
Phone: 570-372-4651
Email: leniga@susqu.edu
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Photo of Daniel MacArthur Daniel MacArthur
Manager of Web Communications
Phone: 570-372-4121
Email: macarthur@susqu.edu
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Amanda O'Rourke
Digital Communications & Media Specialist
Phone: 570-372-4650
Email: orourke@susqu.edu
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Photo of Michelle Richardson Michelle Richardson
Recruitment Communications Writer
Phone: 570-372-4026
Email: richardsonmichelle@susqu.edu
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Photo of Betsy K. Robertson Betsy K. Robertson
Director of Digital & Print Communications
Phone: 570-372-4445
Email: robertsonbk@susqu.edu
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Photo of Kate Weller Kate Weller
Web Content/Social Media Manager
Phone: 570-372-4652
Email: wellerk@susqu.edu
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