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RecycleMania is a competition between colleges across the country to recycle the most material, as well as reduce waste. Recycled material and trash is measured on a weekly basis and sent in to the RecycleMania headquarters. The goal of this competition is to raise campus awareness of recycling and excess waste, and to try to improve the recycling program at SU. We have competed in this event the past two years (results below). We hope to compete again next year, and improve our standing. For more information about Reyclemania, please click here to visit the Recyclemania web site.

Final Results for RecycleMania 2009

The results are in and congratulations go out to all the colleges and universities that participated this year. 510 schools from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada took part in 2009. The 4.7 million students and 1.1 million faculty and staff on these campuses collectively recycled or composted just over 69.4 million pounds of waste over ten weeks. Below are the winners of each category.

The Top Five Colleges in the Per Capita Competition (lbs recycled)

  1. McNeese State University, 76.19 lbs/person
  2. Kalamazoo College, 66.84 lbs/person
  3. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, 66.54 lbs/person
  4. Stephens College, 64.00 lbs/person
  5. Rochester Institute of Technology, 47.52 lbs/person

176. Susquehanna University, 8.99 lbs/person
293. Eastern Oregon University, 0.23 lbs/person

The Top Five Colleges in the Waste Reduction Category (lbs of waste)

  1. North Lake College, 8.70 lbs/person
  2. Santa Monica College, 9.50 lbs/person
  3. Northwest State Community College, 11.41 lbs/person
  4. Washtenaw Community College, 12.17 lbs/person
  5. University of St. Thomas, 12.44 lbs/person

80. Susquehanna University, 52.09 lbs/person
148. Berry College, 130.20 lbs/person

Final Results for RecycleMania 2008

Total Pounds Recycled by Participating Colleges Across the Country during the competition: 58.6 million pounds
Climate Impact: The 58.6 million pounds of material recycled during RecycleMania 2008 prevented 25,342 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere. This reduction is equivalent to:

  • 15,439 passenger cars not driven for one year
  • 9,568,241 gallons of gasoline
  • 196,038 barrels of oil
  • 11,165 households' electricity use for one year
  • 588 acres of forest preserved from deforestation
  • 2,161,441 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

We really are making a difference!
Grand Total recycled at SU: 31,478 pounds = 12.21 lbs/person over the ten week period

Our Standing in the Per Capita Competition (lbs recycled)
107. Susquehanna University, 12.21 lbs/person (We are ranked 107 out of 180! Not bad for our first year!)

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