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The Susquehanna Kids’ College experiences challenge participants to think critically, work collaboratively, and solve problems creatively through their involvement in a variety of dynamic, hands-on activities that encourage ingenuity, communication and cooperation in a nurturing, engaging educational environment. Children who have participated in our programs, as well as their parents have given us feedback about both the Kids' Summer Camp and the Junior Writers' Workshop. Here's what they're saying!

Kids’ Summer Camp participantThe Kids' Summer Camp

Chit Chat from the Kids...

"It’s like school but much better!"

"It’s awesome and exciting! You should come!"

"The teachers are nice!"

"Oh, no! Don’t you hit that CHANGE button! I like it just the way it is!"

"I learned you work best with teamwork!"

"SU is a good place to be in the summer."

"One thing I would change . . . not a thing!"

"It was amazing!"

"I learned that you can make a mistake into a creation!"

"I LOVED it!!!"

Chit Chat from the Parents...

"I thought the staff was very welcoming and professional."

"It gave my son a chance to get to know other kids who shared some of his interests."

"He came home excited about his day and looked forward to going back the next."

"One thing I liked was that my daughter had a huge smile on her face when I picked her up each day!"

"I loved that the kids were able to think creatively without even realizing it and have fun in the process."

"One thing I liked was the excitement and enthusiasm shared by everyone."

"Everyone was very helpful and organized."

"The kids had fun and learned, too!"

"One thing I liked was that it gave my child a chance to get involved in topics that he normally wouldn’t have the chance to learn about."

"My child was so engaged by the projects."

"Class size was great and he loved the instructors!"

"One thing I liked was the variety of programs available to keep the day interesting and the week fun."

"We’ve enjoyed the Kids’ College experience for the last two summers and are already looking forward to next summer."

Junior Writers' Workshop

Chit Chat from the Kids...

"It’s fun, awesome and great!"

"We can write about whatever we want!"

"I like how we had one person reading our stories everyday and helping us with it."

"I realized I can share my stories without being shy!"

"I’d tell other kids that the Writers’ Workshop is a great experience that keeps you in touch with writing over the summer."

"I wish it would be longer so we could edit things better."

"I liked being able to share my story."

"I learned how to better operate Word 2007."

"I learned how to use different words to hook readers into your story."

"I got to work with people who are passionate about writing."

"I liked working with college students who edited the work and told me how I could make it better."

"If you love to write, this is the place for you!"

"One thing I would change . . . NOTHING!"

Chit Chat from the Parents...

"She took pride in the work she was doing and never once complained about getting up in the morning to go. That says a lot!"

"My daughter had a blast, enjoyed meeting everyone and learning more about storytelling! "

"We returned this summer after a great experience last summer!"

"I like the use of mentors who encouraged the writers to be creative and express their feelings."

"There is a great deal of support and encouragement given to our son, which challenges him to reach a little higher and pursue an answer a little deeper."

"He had fun writing and forming all his ideas into one story and I believe he gained self-confidence in writing!"

"Her enthusiasm for writing increased from Day 1!"

"This program is a great opportunity for kids. I hope to see it continued!"

"My daughter enjoys both writing and art. It was great to see these used in conjunction to help her expand her creativity and enhance her experience!"

"I like the encouragement the staff provides for our son as his enthusiasm for writing grows."

"What a wonderful environment to facilitate individual strengths and needs."

"I’ve noticed much progress in his writing skills and a greater interest in both reading and writing."

"Please continue offering these wonderful opportunities and experiences for our children!!"

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