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Music Preparatory Program History

Program Goals

  • Provide music opportunities for ages infant through adult to surrounding communities.
  • Connect to collegiate community and families in surrounding counties.
  • Move the music education classroom from “textbook” to “reality.”

Music Education Curriculum Goals

  • On site and “after hours” teacher training lab
  • Observation of Master teachers
  • Observation of real children with various learning styles plus differentiated needs
  • Observations/Reflections (Two-five/course)

Teaching Staff

  • All classes and the Youth Orchestra are taught by certified music educators.
  • Private lessons are taught by university students who study music and who have been recommended by their private studio teachers.
                - Seven days a week
                - Times established by private instructor

Concerts and Recitals

  • Youth Orchestra performs fall and spring.  Accepted by audition, strings only/no summer session.
  • Private students perform during a day of four recitals in the spring (optional participation).
  • All are free and open to the public!


1968 – Beginning of Saturday program private lessons only
2002 – Youth Orchestra added to program
2004 – Classes for ages birth to adult added to program
2006 – Added a second site for children’s classes
2007 – Added a third site for children’s classes
2008 – Vocal Games - two sessions for grades 2-4 and grades 5-8
2009 – Choral experiences available for grades 2-8
2012 – Susquehanna Strings

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