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Statement on Ethical Living


At Susquehanna University we believe that there are many ideals of ethical living. What these various ideals have in common is a life centered on justice rather than mere self-interest, respect rather than hatred, and cooperation rather than aggression. This way of life:

  • Acknowledges that ethical considerations go beyond just following the law
  • Tolerates neither acts of bigotry nor silence in the face of such acts
  • Holds persons in positions of power to a special responsibility to act in ways that are well-informed, thoughtful, and impartial.

As an academic community, we are committed to fostering an environment that has as one of its central goals the building of good character over the course of a lifetime. The cultivation of good ethical decision-making is embraced as an essential part of the endeavor to educate our students for lives of achievement, leadership, and service.

At Susquehanna University we are tied to each other by relationships that aim at the well-being of individuals and the University as a whole. We strive to treat all individuals with dignity regardless of their values or origins. We insist that each person deserves freedom from belittling, harassment, exploitation, violence, and any other harm. We believe that we live well when we treat everyone fairly. Fairness requires that we:

  • Promote just processes of decision-making and evaluation
  • Identify conflicts of interest and, when eliminating such conflicts is not possible, work to maintain the integrity of the University community
  • Be honest in intellectual, administrative, and financial matters, claiming only that which belongs to us and making appropriate use of institutional resources

These principles offer guidance. Susquehanna University trustees, faculty, staff, and students are obligated to establish enforceable policies and procedures that reflect the spirit of this document and constitute the regulations by which all abide as members of this community.

By upholding the principles of this statement, challenging ethical shortcomings, and honoring every individual, we strive to be a community known for our mutual respect and the highest ethical standards.

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